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We know that these are very unusual and difficult times for everyone.  Our WarehouseOS team of developers and support staff are fully engaged and ready to support you if needed. We are committed to continual improvement of our product and wanted to make you aware of some changes we have recently made to improve the customer experience.

We have worked to standardize some of our efforts and improve our ability to communicate to our customers.  Attached is a support document that will help explain the role of our support team.  We continue to look for ways that we can improve the service to our customers and will update this document as necessary.  Please make sure that your teams know that any support questions should be directed to  That email is monitored by a support team and notifies several people of the request.  You will get a better first-response by sending requests to that email than by contacting any individual, who may not be available at the time of the support request.

We would also like to introduce a new Knowledge Base library.  The knowledge base can help to answer specific questions or explain some of the functionality of WarehouseOS.  This knowledge base will become more useful as time goes on and we can add more information to it.  Our new knowledge base also includes Release Notes that will help explain what is changing in our software.  You can find details of our most recent release here:  Please keep in mind that this knowledge base is in the early stages of being setup, but we thought it was important as a method to improve our communication.  We welcome feedback or questions regarding this new system.


WOS Customer Support.pdf

Date Email Sent: 4/9/2020