We are experiencing some issues with the DNS service provider of our tabletdir.com domain.  We’ve gotten some reports that customers aren’t able to access that site.  We are working with our service provider to get these issues figured out and hope most of you won’t experience a disruption.

We have plans to transition all of your sites from tabletdir.com to warehouseos.com sometime this year.  We’ve been preparing for that and can use this transition as a way to get around the errors we’re seeing.

If you are experiencing a disruption, please respond and let us know.  Make sure to include support@warehouseos.com in your reply.  We’ll transition your site so you can use [yourdomain].warehouseos.com instead of [yourdomain].tabletdir.com.

Once the change is made on our side, your tablets need to be updated to point to warehouseos.com.  We will help you walk through that process as we reply to your email.

If you have any additional questions, please let us know.

Date Email Sent: 4/10/2020