We are still seeing issues with connecting to tabletdir.com.  At this point, we recommend you plan to convert over to warehouseos.com to avoid any disruption tomorrow morning.

We had planned on making the switch to warehouseos.com sometime this year.  The changes we are asking you to make now will be permanent as we would have asked you to make them sometime in the next few months anyway.  We apologize that we have been unable to find a solution to the current problem and are asking you to make these changes on such short notice.

This could affect you in any of 4 ways:

  • Browser bookmarks need to be updated to point to [client].warehouseos.com
  • Tablets need to be updated to point to warehouseos.com
    • Details on how to do this below.  If you have any issues, please let us know and we can walk you through it.
  • The WOS Print Agent needs to be updated to point to warehouseos.com
    • Instructions on this change are included.  If you are unsure that you can make this change, please let me know and we’ll schedule a time for someone to be on site with you tomorrow morning to make the necessary changes.
  • Integrations into the system should be updated to point to warehouseos.com
    • All integrations run through Instalink and managed by the WarehouseOS team will be updated and nothing more is needed from you
    • If you have a custom integration that you are managing, all of your API calls need to point to warehouseos.com

Updating Tablet Settings

  • On the iPads, from the main screen, tap on Options
  • Enter 1101 to access the Settings page
  • In the Hostname setting, change the tabletdir.com to warehouseos.com
  • Tap Done
  • Log in as normal

Updating WOS Print Agent Config File

  • Review Page 3 of the attached file “Configure the WOS Print Agent” for screen shots of the steps below
  • On the computers running the print agent, you’ll need to find the folder that contains all the print agent files
  • Open the file TabletDirector.Printer.exe.config and change the TabletDirectorUrl to use warehouseos.com
  • After saving the file, you’ll need to restart the print agent


WOS Printing

Date Email Sent: 4/12/2020