A deadline is fast approaching and we wanted to bring your attention to a notice that was included in our support document and knowledge base that was sent to you a few weeks ago.  Apple is requiring that any app submitted to their App Store after June 30 2020 is compatible with iPadOS 13 or newer.  The change in requirement could happen sooner for WarehouseOS to ensure we are compatible in time.  We have maintained a long back-ward compatibility policy to help mitigate the need for upgrades to your equipment.  This requirement from Apple is forcing us to accelerate our progress and limiting how far back we can support older verions.  This change only affects the WarehouseOS Fusion iPad app and has no impact on the Tablet Director website or other features.

What does this change mean:

  • Any version of the WarehouseOS Fusion app submitted after June 30 (or a prior date to ensure we are compatible in time) MUST be built for IOS 13
  • The WarehouseOS Fusion app you are using doesn’t necessarily have to be updated at this time.  But new features and bug fixes released after this date will ONLY be available to iPads running IOS13
  • Any iPad that is not compatible with IOS13 needs to be replaced before new features or any bug fixes that have been published can be utilized

What action should you take immediately:

  • Check all of your iPads and make sure they are upgraded to IOS 13. 
    • Go to Settings => General => About. 
  • If the Software Version says 13.x.x, you are updated and ready for any new version of Fusion.  No more action is required on your part
  • If the Software Version says 12.x.x or anything lower, you will need to take action
    • Check the compatible device list to see if your iPad should be able to upgrade
      • It seems that any iPad released in 2014 or newer should be compatible
    • Check with your Apple or IT support to get help in upgrading to iPadOS 13
    • Plan to replace your tablets to a version that supports iPadOS 13
      • The new purchase can happen at any time and only NEEDS to occur before using any new features or bug fixes published after June 30
      • WarehouseOS recommends getting the latest generation iPad.  This will increase the life of the tablet and reduce any incompatibility issues down the road
      • The newest version of the iPad is a 10.2-inch model with a larger screen and will require an upgraded model of the WarehouseOS enclosures.  If you decide to make this upgrade before June 30, we can offer 25% off the price of new enclosures to replace your existing enclosures. Please contact your sales representative for details.

Notice from Apple about IOS requirements:  https://developer.apple.com/news/?id=03262020b

List of iPadOS 13 Compatible Devices (scroll to almost bottom of page.  Screen shot below for convenience): https://www.apple.com/ipados/

Date Email Sent: 5/4/2020