Over the last few months, our team has worked hard to bring you new features that have been at the top of our most-requested list.  We would like to encourage you to review these updates and see if any of these new features would be helpful for your operation.  We believe that between now and the end of September is the time to implement any of these changes.  This will give you a couple months of use to get familiar with the new processes before you hit the holiday season.

Some of the feature below will be available after a release planned for tonight.

Major Features

  • Confirm Receipts – Review PO Receipts before having them become Putaway tasks
  • Bundles – Setup Bundles that will allow the individual components to be picked instead of the main bundled product
  • Reason Codes – Provide greater detail on inventory transactions by requiring a reason code for Puts, Pulls, or Moves
  • Blind POs – Receive product through a PO process without first creating the PO
  • Track Lots on inventory – If configured on the item, scan a lot when adding inventory and see where that lot is throughout the warehouse

Other Improvements

  • Inventory Lookup – Instead of the iPad Manage Inventory app opening to the Put operation, it now opens to a lookup
  • Batch Build
    • Assign and Batch – Reduce the steps to create batches by having the orders assigned to a cart and batches created in one step
    • Filter by Item – Search the orders in the Unassigned grid by a specific item.  Batches can be created where every order has the same item, possibly speeding up the pick operation
  • Split Orders – Split UNKNOWN items off onto an additional order, allowing you to pick the available items and not lose visibility to the items not yet in stock.
  • Greater visibility to inbound quantities  - Item Master screen now shows items on open POs
  • Assign a user to multiple Areas

Review all of the changes that have been made by going to wiki.warehouseos.com.  If you are interested in a feature and don’t see any details on how it works provided in our wiki, please reach out to support for help.

Update your iPadOS Fusion App

Apple is now requiring that new builds to the App store be compatible with iPadOS 13 or newer.  We have seen that about ½ of the iPads connected to our system are using an older version of iPadOS and our app.  We recommend checking your devices and upgrading if possible.  If your device is unable to be upgraded to iPadOS 13, please plan to phase out these devices so you can take advantage of all our newest features.  See our original notification of this here: http://wiki.warehouseos.com/display/WKB/WarehouseOS+iPadOS+13+Requirement

If someone from your team didn’t get this email, please let us know at support@warehouseos.com and we’ll add them to our list.

Date Email Sent: 8/5/2020