We are excited to announce a major update to WarehouseOS is in the works.  These changes will not be coming to you until Q1 of next year, but we wanted to start to introduce them to you.  Over the next 3 months, we will send you more details about these updates so you can be ready for them.

Updated Web Interface

The web interface is being updated with a new color scheme and a more modern look.  The data grids should work the same as you are used to, but they will be more consistent between all of our pages.  Edit pages for orders, items, and locations have collapsible sections that make it easier to get to the data you need.  Where it makes sense, setting options are being hidden and pages with similar functions are being combined to simplify the options available to you.  A couple of screen shots below display some of the changes to our new design.

New Report Module

A new reports module will allow for more formalized reporting.  Instead of our standard table view, our new reports can have a more graphical approach.  Multiple export formats will make printing and sharing reports much easier.

Backend Improvements

The backend is being updated to stay up-to-date with improvements in technology.  This has resulted in pages and data loading faster in our web interface.  This comes with security enhancements and positions us for greater improvements in the future.


As we make these improvements, we'd like to get your feedback on features that we are looking at improving.  Please take the time to complete the attached survey so we can make sure the decisions we make have your best interest in mind.


Batch Build Highlights

  • Collapsible groups quickly hide or display the target details
  • Search function within each of the grids
  • Date filters allow for a date range search

Edit Group Highlights:

  • Collapsible groups to quickly target the desired setting
  • Descriptions for each setting

Date Email Sent: 11/3/2020