We have made great progress on our new version in the last month and are approaching the end of our beta phase.  We have begun transitioning customers to the new version and will continue to do so until the end of February.  You will receive another email with a time frame for your transition.  The timing of that email will depend on your transition date.

The link below will let you download a 15 min video that walks through the changes that you can expect with our new version.  (There are a few references to going between the new and current versions.  That won’t be available as we start this final transition.)


We are also working on updating our documentation for this new version.  Our current help documentation was made for an older version and hasn’t been kept up to date.  As we make these updates you can find them on our wiki under the WarehouseOS Documentation section.


If you have any development that calls into our API, please read the section below about the potential breaking changes.  We are aware of several customers who have written their own integration and will be reaching out to them.  If you don’t hear from us by Friday, please make sure we are aware that you need to look at the updates to the API.

If WarehouseOS is responsible for your integration, we are already considering how we make these changes in coordination with your transition to the new version.


On the day that your site goes live with the new versions, there are a few changes that will need to be made.

  • Security update on the iPads
    • Our new site has updated its security and is redirecting all calls to a secure SSL connection and the tablets will need an update.
    • After you are converted to the new version, open the options on your iPad and turn on SSL and set the port to 443.
    • If you have the latest version of our app, you can use the Quick Setup feature to enable those changes.
    • Instructions for making these changes can be made here: http://wiki.warehouseos.com/display/WKB/Devices
  • Tablet Director (website) Role Permissions
    • Our website accounts and roles has been overhauled to increase security and enable additional features in the future.  With that comes a simplified, but completely new role structure.
    • All of your accounts in your current version can log into the new version without any hiccup.
    • But all of your roles will need to be reconfigured using the new permissions.
    • After you are converted to the new version, you will need to update the roles to give people the proper access.
    • Instructions for making these changes can be found here: http://wiki.warehouseos.com/display/WKB/Tablet+Director+Roles
    • We recommend reviewing these permissions and having a plan for which roles you need prior to your transition.
  • Associate Emails with Accounts (optional, but recommended)
    • Accounts can now be associated with an email address.
    • All of your existing accounts can log in to the new version without any updates.
    • New accounts created in the new version require an email address.
    • Having an email address will allow the user to set their own password using the Forgot Password button on the log in screen.
    • The Admin role will have permissions to edit users passwords if an email has not been configured and a password needs to be reset.

Breaking API Changes

Updates to our back end have required a small but significant change to our API.  These changes allow for future growth, including the ability to version our API for future changes.  Unfortunately we don’t have that capability until these updates are released.

Being responsible for most of our customers’ integrations, we understand the impact these breaking changes can have.  After reviewing the details below against any integration you have written against WarehouseOS, please let us know if you have any concerns.

For those that reach out to us, we can give you access to a shared test environment where you can validate the changes you need to make.  The implementation of these changes will need to be coordinated with the day your site is transitioned to the new version

  • API responses are now camel case instead of the current pascal case
    • All key names start with a lower case letter instead of starting with an upper case letter the way they do now
    • This is a breaking change if your coding language is case sensitive
    • WOS continues to not be case sensitive on any inbound API request.  Creating orders or any other inbound call will not require a change.  However, the response to that call will now say “errorCode” instead of “ErrorCode”
    • When a response includes the “errorCode” and “message” values, the “message” has remained the same with no changes to how it is capitalized.
    • Please review your code for any time you use a response that came from the WOS API
    • We hope that this change will be as simple as using the examples in our new documentation to update the class for your calls.
  • Triggers are NOT affected by this change
    • If your trigger is configured to SendToURL, the data you get in the URL will continue to be pascal case and there is no change that is required
    • If you are reading the Host Messages using the Host Queue API, the API response is camel case, but Host Message will be pascal case
    • You will need to read the base64 encoded string from “message” instead of “Message”, but once that base64 string is decoded, you can read “OrderNumber” from that message
    • We hope this reduces the changes that need to be made.
  • Enum values are now strings instead of integers
    • Instead of knowing that OrderStatus 0 meant “Available”, our APIs will now provide the string version of that value
    • You will no longer need to maintain a translation list in your code that needed to be updated if we added new values
    • Any enum value that is passed as a parameter will allow either the integer or the string version of that value.  Calls into the API will not be broken by this change
    • The response will only provide the string value and will not provide the integer.  This is a breaking change if you are translating the enums into a readable value
    • Please review your code for any place that you were translating an integer into its related string value and prepare to use the string value as it is presented in the API.

Date Email Sent: 01/27/2021