We have been notified that Shopify’s APIs are having some issues and most of them are failing.  This is an issue on the Shopify side and WarehouseOS will have to wait until Shopify’s issue is resolved. 

You can view the current status of this issue here.  Shopify is currently reporting that this issue has been resolved.


Inventory adjustments that should be pushed up to Shopify have been failing since about 1pm today (1 hour ago).  Because we err on the side of not making adjustments rather than making too many, an error does not get retried and these adjustments that have failed won’t be pushed to Shopify.

This could have also delayed items being downloaded to WOS.

Once the issue is resolved, item downloads will proceed as normal.  We suggest monitoring your inventory adjustments to ensure they are pushing up to Shopify before proceeding with more adjustments.  Any adjustments that fail during the time window of this issue will need to be corrected on Shopify’s side manually.

Date Email Sent: 2/17/2021