The release of our new update has gone as well as we could have hoped.  That doesn’t mean there wasn’t a few hiccups for some customers and we greatly appreciate their patience and understanding as we’ve made this significant transition. Not only did we update our web interface to be faster and more modern, our back-end had a very significant update that has positioned us for greater improvements in the future.

We continue to monitor for performance enhancements to make sure our new back-end is being utilized to its fullest.  We are also starting to look forward to new features that we can release to you this year.

History Log Update

Our new back-end allows data to be pulled in a different way and those updates have been pushed to the History Log to address some performance issues we’ve seen over the last few weeks.  You’ll notice a few changes to how this page works.

  • The grid will load the current day’s data by default
  • The form fields waiting for orders, items, and a date range have been removed
  • Column filters can be used to perform the same functions as the form fields provided
  • We recommend setting a date range in the Record Date before filtering for an item or location to ensure the search is limited to the range you are expecting

See this page for details on how to navigate our data grids

Saved Filters

We have started to release a new feature that will allow grid filters to be saved.  These saved filters can be applied to the grid by simply selecting it from the available drop-down.

The initial release of this feature is limited to the Batch Build page.  Future updates will include remembering the column sorts and add this feature to other pages.

To add a new filter

  1. Apply all of the desired filters to the grid
  2. Click on the icon to the right of the filter drop down
  3. Click Add New Filter from the popup, provide a name for the filter, and click Add

See this page for details on how to use this new feature

Date Email Sent: 03/17/2021