Pick vs Pack

Pick vs Pack shows an overall picture of the outbound operation for the current day.

Operation Performance Pages (Pick to Cycle Count)

These pages evaluate operation performance for the current day

Operator Performance Page

Get an overall picture of an individual operators' performance. All performance data for the current day is consolidated into one page.

Operator History Report Page

Similar to the Operator Performance Page, but allows a historical view of all performance data.

Heat Matrix and SKU Info

The Heat Matrix can help identify "Hot Areas" by the selected indicator (Lines or Qty). Locations need to be assigned Bay and Row values in order for the matrix to pull in the data.

SKU info can be viewed by drilling through the Heat Matrix to see the details for an individual item. It can also be viewed without the drill through to see details for all SKUs. It can help view the SKU information from different perspective, such as activity by zone, batch type, and date." data-linked-resource-version="1" data-linked-resource-type="attachment" data-unresolved-comment-count="0" data-linked-resource-content-type="image/gif" data-base-url="" data-image-width="1910" data-image-src="/download/attachments/5800605/Heat%20Matrix%20and%20SKU%20Info.gif?version=1&modificationDate=1613213465357&api=v2" data-image-height="941">