The Orders shows a list of all orders in the system. The status drop down at the top of the page has been removed and this page now operates the same as most of the pages within WOS Manager.

Tip: The methods shown below can be used on other pages within WOS to filter and sort the data grids.

Filter Data in the Grid

The below example is how to find orders completed after a certain date.

1. Pull up the Orders screen

2. Click on the filter icon in the Created column. Set it to Is after or equal to. Select your date and click Filter.

Click on the filter for Status and select Complete. Click Filter.

  1. Above the orders grid, click on Include Completed Orders

Tip: If you first click on "Include Completed Orders" before setting the column filters, all completed orders will be pulled into the grid.
Setting the other filters BEFORE clicking on "Include Completed Orders" will limit how many orders come back and will speed up the page. 

Sort Data in the Grid

  1. To sort data, click on the header of the column
    1. The first click will sort the data in ascending order
    2. The second click will sort the data in descending order
    3. The third click will remove the sort

2. Multiple columns can be sorted. Sort them in sequence for the desired results