Batch Build is where orders are grouped into batches so they can be picked. When creating batches, you will assign batches to a certain cart type. 

Assign the Batches

  1. Go to Batch -> Batch Build
  2. Highlight the orders to assign to batches
  3. Select the Cart Type that batches will be assigned to and click Assign Selected
  4. Scroll down to the selected Cart Type and view orders to be batched
  5. Once orders are highlighted click on Batch Selected to create batches
  6. Go to Batch -> Batches
  7. Click the search or refresh button displayed above the grid

Filter by Item

Instead of simply saying "(Multiple)", the Unassigned grid now shows all items on the order. This allows orders to be filtered for a particular item so they can be batched together for more efficient picking.

  1. Lengthen the Item column to see as much as the list of items as desired
  2. Click on the filter for Item and enter the desired item number
  3. The grid will be filtered for the desired item and they can be batched together

Filtering Batch Actions

The action below shows how to filter by one of the column headers. We use shipping method and highlight them to be selected to a 5x5 Cart Type.

Note: Once a filter is applied the highlighting selection is not necessary. You can click on the blue Assign Filtered button and that will assign orders to selected Cart Type

The action below will batch the orders that were assigned. If any further filtering is needed the User can apply other filters and then batch the orders.

View Batch

1. In WOS Manager, you can view Batches by going to Batch -> Batches

2. Order details and Status is shown in selected batch

Other attributes for Batch Build are listed below:

Include Single Line Orders

If the site Setting "PackOne Batching" is set, single line orders are hidden from the Batch Build screen by default so they don't accidentally get batched outside of PackOne.

  1. At the top of the page, select Include Single Item Orders

Undo Batch and Remove from Batch

Undo Batch

The Undo Batch option will remove the orders from the batch and allow them to be batched into a new batch. Undoing the batch will only work if the batch has not begun to be picked. If you try to undo the batch after an item has been picked, it will not work. 

To Undo a Batch

  1. Go to the Batches page
  2. Click the batch name you want to undo
  3. Click the Undo Batch button

Remove from Batch

The Remove from Batch option removes one Order from the Batch that it has been assigned to. This will reset any picks you may have done for the order and release the Order to be Batched again.

To remove an Order from a Batch

  1. Go to the Orders page
  2. Click the Order Number you want to remove from the Batch
  3. Click the Remove From Batch button