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Tablet Director

All Order Management

  • Page was updated so it filters and sorts, consistent with other pages within WOS

Batch Build

  • The Unassigned grid was moved to the top of the screen.  This should enable quicker access when creating batches
  • The Unassigned grid now has the ability to filter by item

Import Export Records

  • When uploading POs, the item details included in the file will create new items but will not update existing items
    • Before this change, if your CSV file included the Item Number, but failed to include the other details like Item Description, uploading the CSV file would update the items, clearing out the Item Description from the Item Master
    • Items can be edited by uploading an Item CSV

Backend System Changes

  • This release included an update to some back-end libraries that removed the dependency on deprecated code
  • This was an important update that will enable us to make the future enhancements we'd like to make

Release Details

Release Version:
Release Date: 2/27/2020

API and Integrations

Printing Updates

  • When adding a Print Job to the WOS Print Queue, a new setting can designate Printer 2 as the desired printer
  • New API to delete PrintQueue entries by reference #

PO Updates

  • New fields have been added to the PO to improve communication between systems
    • PO Type
    • Custom Fields 1-5
  • PO Triggers have been adjusted to include these fields in the response
  • When creating a PO, item details included in the PO object will create new items but will not update existing items

Host Queue Updates

  • On rare occasions, Host Messages don't always make it to the Host Queue.  Efforts were made to ensure the Host Queue is always updated
  • "Read" added as a status on Host Messages
    • When Host Messages are returned in an API call, they are marked as "Read"
    • This will improve efficiency of integration, knowing which messages have already been seen

Release Details

Released with Tablet Director