Inventory transactions can be performed with a Reason Code that can help identify the purpose of the transaction. Reason Codes are configurable per transaction.

Manage Reason Codes

Reason Codes are configured per inventory transaction.  

  1. Go to Admin -> Reason Codes
  2. Select the Code to edit an existing Reason Code or Add Reason Code to add new
    1. Select the transaction this code will apply to (Put, Pull, or Move)
    2. Assign a Code
    3. Provide a Description
    4. Set as Not Active so Reason Code won't be available but is not removed from the system.  


Delete Reason Codes

  1. Go to Admin -> Reason Codes
  2. Click on the Code to be deleted
  3. Click Delete
  4. When the confirmation page loads, click Delete again.

Enable Reason Codes per Group

  1. In the Group Settings, enable the use of Reason Codes in the Manage Inventory section

  2. Once in the desired group, scroll to the bottom of the Manage Inventory section to enable Reason Codes on Put, Pull, and/or Move
  3. Select whether the Reason Code must be selected for Each Transaction or once Per Session

Set a Reason Code in the Inventory Transaction

If Reason Codes are enabled for the group, the user will be prompted to enter a reason code as each transaction is selected within the Mange Inventory app.

Note: The section below describes the PerSession setting. If the Group Setting was set as EachTransaction, the process is similar but instead of prompting for the Reason Code as the transaction type is selected the Reason Code will be prompted for each transaction after the Quantity value is entered.

  1. On the WOS Operator tablet app, open the Manage Inventory app
    1. If Reason Code has been enabled, selecting Put, Pull, or Move will prompt for a Reason Code

  2. Select the Reason Code and click Ok
    1. The Reason Code is displayed at the top of the app
  3. Each subsequent transaction will use the same Reason Code until the transaction is changed

Review Transactions by Reason Code

  1. History Log 
    1. In the History Log, the Reason Code is recorded in the Notes of the transaction
  2. Host Triggers
    1. In the Host Triggers for Put, Pull, and Move, the Reason Code is part of the message and can be read as part of an integration