May Releases

WOS Manager
Lot Control
  • System setting to allow Lot Expiration date is set to the Lot Creation date
  • New Lot Management page
  • Correct an error where Lot was not being recorded in Batch Picking
User Group Settings (new WOS Fulfillment app)
  • Manage Inventory Settings
    • New setting to Allow Lot Selection in Put, Pull, and Move Categories 
  • Replenishment Pick Settings
    • Enable Replenish Pick - Enable Users to use the Replenish Pick app
    • Restrict by Area - Restricts users to pick from assigned areas
    • Require Location Scan - Requires the location be scanned when performing a pick
    • Require Scan Each Item - Requires each item be scanned to set pick quantity
    • Allow Tap Selection - Allows the user to tap on a line for location or item instead of requiring a scan
    • Allow Lot Selection - Instead of requiring a Lot to be scanned, show Lot numbers and allow user to identify the lot from a list
  • Replen Put Settings
    • Enable Replenish Put - Enable Users to use the Replenish Put app
    • Restrict by Area
    • Require Scan Each Item - Requires each item be scanned to set pick quantity
    • Allow Tap Selection
    • Request Put to Home Location - Reminds user that Put should be done into the item’s Home Location
    • Allow Lot Selection
Group Settings (legacy WMS Fusion app)
  • New setting to Allow Pick From Replenish Location
Replenishment Planning
  • Replenishment Report is renamed to Replenishment Planning
  • Parameters will default to select all zones
  • System settings will allow a default Strategy and Location Selection when opening the Replenishment Planning option
  • Added new Data Grids section to allow data-focused reports to be presented in a grid format
  • Added new Report section to distinguish reports focused on visual display: matrix tables, graphs, printable reports, parameter-based reports
Other Updates
  • Cart Type size limit: After calculating row x columns, it should be less than or equal to 500
  • Corrected an issue where Create Date was not being set when using the AddorUpdateMultipleItems API 
  • Corrected issue where the Item number did not populate into the drop down when editing PO lines
  • Corrected issue where the Cart was not being set in the Verify All host trigger
  • Corrected issue preventing the Box Close on the Order Edit page to successfully close the box
  • Corrected issue where Carts could not be assigned to a Staging location
  • Resolved an error that occurred when deleting a zone that has been assigned as a replenishment Zone
  • Client Portal - a Client can be assigned to a PO from the data grid
  • Batch Build Beta - New Batch Build Functionality that will eventually replace Batch Build
  • Added index to alias value to improve performance of item lookup
  • Improved query on Order Edit page that looks for batches with open compartments

Release Details
Release Version:
Release Date: 5/1/2024

WOS Fulfillment (New iOS App)
  • Improved error message upon failed login
  • User Group setting update on login
  • Allow User to override box weight
  • Update to the logic behind Recording Lots
  • Rapid Scan allows configurable idle period
  • Added functionality to the Barcode to see either the order's Barcode value or the OrderNumber; this corrected an issue where an order without a Barcode value would display "No Barcode"
Manage Inventory
  • If the group setting “Allow Lot Selection” is enabled, then any time the Lot scan is requested, details around existing Lots is presented and allow the User to select them, instead of having to scan a lot
  • Move and Put allows for in-line creation of Lots and Expiration Dates
  • If Group Setting “Restrict by Area” is on, then the location scanned must be in the user’s assigned areas
  • After scanning the location, ALL assigned tasks are downloaded and presented in the grid
  • If a user does not have tasks assigned, they will be prompted for how to assign tasks based on Priority or Schedule
  • After completing a Pick, there is an option to go directly to a Put
  • Update to how tasks will appear in the grid and the columns that are shown
  • Better visibility to the Download Task Button, that will assign and download five tasks
  • Lots are now managed in Replenishment functionality
  • Other general improvements to bring Replenishment up to date with latest features
Release Details
Release Version: 1.1.0
Release Date: 5/1/2024