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Tablet Director Updates

Reason Codes

  • Reason Codes can now be added and used during inventory transactions
  • Create reason codes in a new screen found under Admin => Configure Reason Codes
  • Reason Codes are set per transaction (Put, Pull, and Move)
  • Enable the use of Reason Codes in the Group settings
  • The Reason Code will be sent in the Host Messages related to the transaction and will also be logged in the History Log

Confirm PO Receipts

  • If the system flag "Auto Approve PO Receipts" is turned off, PO Receipts wait for approval before becoming available for Putaway
  • Back-end system changes were made to make this new process possible.  An upcoming new screen will be used for the review and approval of the PO Receipts


  • Cart Compartments can no longer be deleted.  Instead of editing a cart to change the configuration, create a new cart with the desired configuration.  Carts can be renamed if you need to keep the same name with a new configuration.

Updates to Allocation Service

  • Additional improvements to the new allocation service.
    • After batches are created, the service will allocate them in teh background instead of waiting for them to be picked up by a tablet
    • If the system flag "Drop Unknowns w/o Allocation" is set, the tablets will only look for batches that have already been allocated.  This will prevent the batch from going to the allocation service before coming to the tablet and should reduce any delays because of allocation.

Release Details

Release Version:
Release Date: 5/6/2020

Tablet Director Updates

Area Allocation

  • Improvements to make Area Allocation perform better with the new allocation service.

Updates to System Dates

  • Dates are now stored consistently in the back-end
  • In the web user interface, dates display as local times on all pages relating to Orders, Batches, History Log, and Print Queue.  Other pages are showing UTC time until a later update.

Release Details

Release Version:
Release Date: 5/20/2020

Fusion App

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Transactions, (Put, Pull, and Move) can now assign a Reason Code to identify the purpose of the transaction
  • Once a Reason Code is selected, it will persist across all subsequent transactions until the transaction type is changed
  • As the transaction type is changed, a popup will ask for a new Reason Code

Blind POs

  • Receive product using a 2-step receiving process without a PO already created in the system
  • Requires that a PO is provided to commit the receipts.  Use the PO given to the vendor or any other value to identify the purpose for the blind receipts
  • Each tablet can receive against the same PO.  It will use the same PO number but create a separate PO for each tablet

Batch Picking

  • Corrected an issue where the iPad was buzzing if Verify Item is off and Verify Quantity is turned on

Release Details

Warning: By June 30 we are required to release apps that are built for iPadOS 13. To get us to that point this release was targeted at iPadOS 12. If your iPad can't download this version, the iPadOS version needs to be updated or the tablet will eventually need to be replaced. 

Release Version: 4.4.4 Build 153671
Release Date: 5/26/2020
API and Integrations

Update POs

  • A new API allows for Adding or Updating PO details
    • To ensure that POs can be updated, PO Creation will merge PO lines with the same Item and Host Id so there are no duplicate lines that could cause issues during an update
    • Updates will not be accepted after the PO Line has been moved to a "Received" status

Create Orders

  • Updates to the AddOrder API requires that the LineNumber and ItemNumber are a unique combination
  • LineNumber is no longer a required field.  If not provided, WOS will auto increment the LineNumber.

Release Details

Released with Tablet Director