WOS Fulfillment is a new iOS App that will eventually replace the current WMS Fusion app. This update allows for WarehouseOS to utilize the newest that iOS has to offer.

Why the Update

As the new Replenishment app was being designed, there were clear limitations using the code-base for the current app which is almost 10 years old. Certain features and ideas that we wanted to implement became difficult or impossible. Instead of just trying to make it work, a new App allows WarehouseOS to take full advantage of the newest that iOS has to offer. Because the roadmap for 2023 included new features and updates to many of our existing processes, it started to make sense to write Replenishment into a new app. Over the course of the next year, as new features are updated and existing processes are revamped, the processes performed in the current WMS Fusion app will shift into the new WOS Fulfillment app.

Parallel Apps

For the Users, this means a period of time where two apps will be operational within the Warehouse. Each app should operate on the same device and be able to have distinct functionality. Replenishment will be done in the new WOS Fulfillment, all other operations will be done in WMS Fusion. As each update is released, functionality will shift to the other app and will eventually be deprecated and made unavailable in WMS Fusion.

Both WOS Fulfillment and WMS Fusion can be licensed on the same device simultaneously. When setting up WOS Fulfillment, it will require a new setup as if its a new device. This is to ensure that as the old app, WMS Fusion, is phased out that WOS Fulfillment can stand on its own with licensing and registration against the back-end software. While we recognize that jumping between apps might cause some hiccups, our hope is that it's a minimal disruption while we work on an improved experience in the long-run.

App Setup

To download the app, search in the App Store for WOS Fulfillment. 

Setting up the app should be very similar to the WMS Fusion app. Use the steps found in Add New Device - Quick Setup to assign the site settings to the new WOS Fulfillment app.

Note: The Device Name needs to be setup as the exact same as the WMS Fusion app running on the same device.  As long as the two apps use the same device name, additional licenses are not required.  If they are setup with different names, a separate license for each app will be required.

The Device Name is case sensitive and must be the same.  Ipad1 and iPad1 will create 2 different devices in the system and each will require a separate license.

Clicking "Add New Device" from the Devices page does not create a new device.  It generates a QR code with all the settings needed to to register a new device on login.  Use this option, with the same name as the device running WMS Fusion, and scan this in WOS Fulfillment to setup the new app.  This will be the most straight-forward way to register the new app against the existing device.

New Features

The development of the new app is ongoing as we work through updates to the existing functionality. Some of the new features of the WOS Fulfillment app include:

  • Functional Groupings of app
    • All of the processes within the WOS Fulfillment app are grouped and displayed as functional units.
    • WOS Fulfillment will show all the apps the User has been given permission to. Only the apps developed and ready in the new WOS Fulfillment app will be active.
  • User Management area
    • Upload User Avatar for additional validation of who is logged into the app.
    • User menu allows space for additional development to take advantage of User settings.
  • Main Page Search