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Tablet Director Updates

Saved Filters

  • Add the ability to save a Sort in the Saved Filter

Grid Filters

  • Added a Not Contains filter to the options on text fields

Fastest Path Batch

  • Corrected an error where a batch with at least 1 UNKNOWN on all orders wouldn't be pulled to the tablet
  • Now allows an All Unknown order to be pulled to the tablet

Enhancements and Fixes

  • Split Unknowns was moving all of the Unknown lines to a new order, even if the entire order was unknown.
  • PO grid will now default to Available status
  • Edit PO page will show the approved, rejected, and putaway quantities for each line
  • Print Queue Pending Print Messages grid increased the default date range to 3 days instead of only today
  • Batches now shows if the batch has been packed or verified

Release Details

Release Version:
Release Date: 3/30/2021

History Log

  • Update how data is pulled in
  • Form fields removed at top of grid for more standard grid approach
  • Grid defaults to current day

Custom Reports

  • Update the Multi Select control so it doesn't always show the full list of options

New Get Batch Logic (Fastest Path)

  • Include a new logic that will pull batches onto the tablet
  • Simplified logic ignores zone filters and won't try to allocate a batch.  Batches with All Unknown or any unallocated lines will be ignored in the batch search
  • Batches pulled to a tablet are put through a different queue than batches that are allocated, reducing the affect order allocation has on batches being pulled to a tablet.

Enhancements and Fixes

  • Devices are sorted in the Assign Device action
  • Refresh button on Batches grid was resetting the grid filters
  • Saved Filters wouldn't show up until page refresh or delete
  • Page refresh when using Remove from Batch on Edit Order page
  • Page refresh when using Close PO

Release Details

Release Version:
Release Date: 3/17/2021

Saved Filters

  • The ability to apply pre-set filters to the Batch Build screen
  • Filters will be added to additional grids in future development


  • Action added to the Carts menu to bulk-apply cart types to carts


  • Active flag added to the Item Edit screen
  • The Active flag will be used in future development to limit the number of items available during certain transactions

Host Messages

  • Add Status field (Read or Unread) to the Host Messages grid

Log Accounts on Tablet Director Actions

  • The logged in account will now be logged on actions performed in Tablet Director
    • Reset Picks
    • Reset In Process
    • Remove from Batch
    • PO Complete
    • Order Hold
    • Order Release
    • Order Delete
    • Clear Active Flag

Enhancements and Fixes

  • Batch orders in the same order as they are set in the grid
  • Improve performance of Edit Item page when system has many items
  • Order History on Edit Order page sorted by date in descending order
  • Export button on PO Details grid
  • Fix Contact Support link
  • Cleanup filters on Edit Batch screen
  • Pick Sequence on Batch Build Pack One sorted as number
  • Set Default priority when creating Queue items
  • Location Override on tablet not showing locations
  • Allow edit of Box Label
  • Error deleting locations
  • Error editing a PO Detail Line
  • Error deleting an account
  • Report Export to CSV includes column headers

Release Details

Release Version:
Release Date: 3/3/2021

Fusion App


  • Display Order and Line Notes


  • Orders not picked complete will be easier to see instead of needing to look for green check mark


  • Putaways won't load when the app is pulled up.  Scanning a cart or location will pull up putaways related to that scan
  • All putaways can be displayed by clicking refresh at the top of the screen
  • This helps prevent errors when putaways get behind and there are too many to load without first being filtered

Simplify Short-Picks

  • Tapping the Item Number will allow the item to be short picked without having to scan
  • Helps simplify the process when the item is being short picked because there's no inventory and therefore no item to scan

Release Details

Release Version: 5.0.3 Build 153935
Release Date: 3/22/2021

API and Integrations

Inventory Paging by Area

  • A new API will allow inventory to be paged by Area

Add Replenishment Work Queue

  • The AddReplenishment work queue API will now check for duplicates so the same item and location combination can't be added more than once.

Enhancements and Fixes

  • Made an enhancement to reduce the number of 500 errors we were seeing in the API

Release Details

Released with Tablet Director

Order Edit Trigger

  • A new trigger will be fired when an order is edited from the Order Edit page

Release Details

Released with Tablet Director

Add Order APIs

  • Now include an option to mark an order line as Completed on order creation
  • This can be used to skip picking an item that needs to be validated at packing

Order Split Trigger

  • A new trigger will be fired when an order is split and UNKNOWNs are split into a separate order

Release Details

Released with Tablet Director