Create Locations

If Pick Path is purchased then a WOS team member will generate the locations for a customized pick path in the warehouse. Locations can also be generated by a User through WOS's location generator. Locations can also be created individually as needed. To create a location:

  1. Go to Maint -> Locations
  2. Click Create Location
  3. Enter the information requested
    • Name:  WOS has a standard location configuration that is formatted as Row-Bay-Tier-Slot and is typically 4 numbers with dashes in between to help Users easily identify the name of a location ex. 1-2-3-3. See Location Configuration for a more in depth explanation.
    • Display Name: If you would like the Location to display a different name than the one that conforms to the WOS Configuration, that can be entered here. 
    • Location Type: This is critical to how the location can be used. See Location Types for an explanation of the types. 
    • Zone: Select the Zone in which the Location is located. 
    • Putaway Zone: Not used. Leave blank. 
    • Area: Select the Area in which the Location is located.
    • Pick Sequence: This is how the Locations are sorted in the picking app, to walk you through the warehouse in an efficient path. 
    • Allocation Sequence: This is the order that Locations are considered for allocation. For pick locations, it should be set to 10, Backstock to 100. 
    • Putaway Sequence: This is normally set to 0, but can be used sort locations in the Putaway app if you'd like the Receiving team to walk the shelves differently than the Picking team. 
    • Row, Bay, Tier, Slot: See Location Configuration for a more in depth explanation.

Creating Locations with a CSV file

An efficient way to create Locations is by uploading a CSV file.

  1. Go to Admin -> Import/Export Records
  2. Export the Headers Only file so you can see all the information that is needed.
  3. Enter your new Location information into that file
  4. Save the file as a Coma Separated Value (CSV) file
  5. Upload to WOS
  6.  See Import / Export Records for a more in depth explanation.

Location Generator

Locations can be created using the Location Generator.

Location Types

There are 5 location types in WOS. Pick, Ship, Receive, Reserve, Hold, and Backstock. Each Location has specific uses and performs differently.

  • Pick: When a Location Type is set to Pick, Orders will allocate to this Location before any others. 
  • Ship: This Location Type is being deprecated. 
  • Receive: Locations can be set to Receive when they are used to temporarily place Inventory as it is being Received before it is Putaway. 
  • Reserve: Reserve Locations are used to indicate sections of the warehouse that should not be allocated to, but otherwise hold good inventory. To use the Inventory held in Reserve, the Inventory needs to be moved out of Reserve and into either a Pick or Backstock Location. 
  • Hold: Locations set to Hold can be used for inventory that is truly unavailable or quarantined.
  • BackStock: Orders will allocate to Backstock Locations if there is no available Inventory in Pick Locations. This is different than Reserve because Inventory in Backstock can be allocated to and picked from, where Reserve cannot. 

Setting Location Types

Location Types will normally be set by WOS when the Locations and pick-path are created. If the Location type needs to be changed or a new Location needs to have its Location Type set, that can be done from the Location Grid. 

  1. Go to Maint -> Locations
  2. Select the Location 
  3. Scroll down to the Action Menu drop-down and select Set Type from the Type section
  4. A new Type drop-down will appear, from there, select the Type to be set to the Location
  5. Click Save Selected


Location Actions

In WOS Manager a User can perform multiple actions to set Areas, Zones, request Cycle Counts and other actions. 

Go to Maint -> Locations to view locations and perform any other actions.