WOS Manager
  • Update Batches page to work like other pages; data automatically loads all batches not in Closed status
  • Update the Batch Purge script to remove batches that are no longer tied to orders 
  • Inventory will no longer allocate to Reserve locations
  • Finish implementation of Backstock location type to allow in CSV imports
  • Make Display Name a non-searchable field from the tablets.  Only the location's Name can be used to find locations
Order Edit
  • Order Lines can now be edited inline from the main Order page
Other Updates
  • Inventory Summary Report - Corrected error where Committed wasn't being calculated correctly when viewed by Area
  • When using Host Defined allocation, update the Allocation Status field on order import
  • Separate QR codes on the Settings page to avoid confusion between Quick Settings and Store QR
  • Backend updates in preparation for SpeedCell picking
  • Backend updates in preparation for Auto Reallocate

Release Details
Release Version:
Release Date: 3/9/2022

Edit Item
  • Add Areas to the Inventory section; automatically group to see inventory by Area
  • Correctly filter PO Details to only show Open POs
Cycle Count Confirm
  • Show the Lot# that was entered during the count.
Other Updates
  • Expand the PO Details section by default when viewing the PO Edit screen
  • Correct error with Aliases in the Items Export file
  • Correct error with Picking Type filter on the Orders page
  • Correct error in the History Log page when a large list of Types were selected
  • Update filters on Orders Search page to match the Orders page
  • Correct error when changing Replenish flag in the Locations grid
  • When editing Reason Codes, allow same code across different transaction types
  • Update Boxes edit page to show correct Box Config values
  • Update the date of the inventory on the Edit Location page to adjust for local time
  • Separate the Editable and Locked Configurations on the Settings page

Release Details
Release Version:
Release Date: 3/23/2022
WOS Operations App
  • Add auto-refresh when removing items from a box

Release Details
Release Version: TBD
Release Date: M/DD/YYYY
API and Integrations
  • Add new API to get PO Details
  • Update AddOrUpdatePO API so that PO Header details can be updated

Release Details
Released with Tablet Director 3/9/2022

Inventory API
  • Add ExternalId and correct mismapped fields in the InventoryReport APIs
Host Messages
  • Add Location Type to the Cycle Count message

Release Details
Released with Tablet Director 3/24/2022