When a Cart is Unavailable or there are Orders stuck on the Cart

Sometimes you might see that the Cart you are trying to use is unavailable, even when you have cleared the last order off of it. The issue that you may be encountering is that some of the order lines have been packed into a box that is not yet closed.

Possible Fixes 

When an Order is opened in the Packing process, the boxes become associated with the device that is being used. If the Order is opened on a Device other than the one that was used to open the box, a new box will be opened. You must close the box from the same device that you opened it with before exiting the Packing process. If that is not done, you have 2 options within the Order Edit page in WOS Manager:

Once in the Order Edit page, scroll down to the Shipping Boxes dropdown

There you will see the Actions menu

NOTE: The Actions Menu may appear like this Graphical user interface, text

Description automatically generated and in order to see all the button options, you need to expand the grid field. The  is not a clickable button. To resize the column of the grid, go to the top of the grid and if you hover over the line between fields, your cursor will change to be two vertical lines with horizontal arrows. Then you can click and drag the field to your desired width to see all the buttons available.

  1. The Close Box button enables you to easily close boxes from WOS Manager without needing to close them from the iPad. If an order had several boxes opened by multiple iPads, instead of closing those boxes by using the iPads that opened them or by using the Switch Device button to close them all by one iPad, you can use the Close Box button to close them and when the last box is closed, the order will get the Packed Complete status.  The Close Box button may or may not fix the status issue on the order line and remove it from the cart, but it should be the first things attempted as it has the least number of steps required.
  2. The Switch Device button enables you to change which device is assigned to the box to be whichever device you are using and then when you go to Pack the Order from that device, the box that was left open will show up on and you will be able to close the box, completing the order and clearing it off of the Cart that was used. Click the Switch Device Button, and a popup will appear Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated with medium confidenceClick the dropdown arrow on the right Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generatedAnd you can select the device you would like to use to close the box.
    1. Then using the Device you selected, you can go into the Packing app and Close the Box.