The Zone Minimum and Open Order report is a zone based replenishment report that combines the item's minimum quantity with the amount on open orders. The report was designed so it could be printed and handed to a user that could then replenish the items on the report.

Report Contents

  1. Replen Qty is the difference between the minimum qty and the pickface quantity. The amount on order is added to this number. If the item has a Replenish Qty setup, this will also be added to this number to show how many more over the minimum should be brought over.
  2. Pick Face Qty is the current quantity in the pick face locations
  3. Min Slot Qty is the item's set minimum value, used to determine if the item has dropped below the minimum needing to be replenished
  4. On Order is the total quantity across all open orders, regardless of where the order might be allocated
  5. Back Stock Qty is the amount available in the top 5 backstock locations.

Zone Filters

Zone filters allow the data to be filtered only to specific replenishment (or pick face) zones or to specific backstock zones. This can be helpful in focusing a user to a specific area of the warehouse. A user going to a specific backstock zone can be given a report showing all the items that should be replenished out of that zone. Or a user can be told to replenish a specific zone within the pick face.

Include Hold Locations

By default, Hold Locations are excluded from this report and are not considered as backstock locations. By setting this parameter to true, Hold locations are considered eligible and will show as backstock locations based on their zone settings.

Sort Backstock by Date

By default, this report returns the top 5 backstock locations, sorted ascending by the quantity in the location. This is done so backstock locations with the smallest qty can be emptied. By setting this parameter to true, the backstock locations will be sorted by the date the inventory was initially added to the location, allowing for FIFO replenishments.

System Setup

Using this report requires some setup within the system before it will find any necessary replenishments

  1. Zone Setup
    1. Locations should be configured with zones
    2. The pick face locations should have a different zone than the locations with backstock inventory
  2. Pick face Zones set to Replenish
    1. The pick face zones need to be set with Enable Replenish as true
  3. Item Masters set to Enable Replenishment
    1. Items that need to be considered for replenishment need to have the Enable Replenishment flag set to "true"
    2. Only open order lines for an item with enable replenishment set to true will be considered for the report
  4. Item Masters set with a Minimum and Replenish Quantity
    1. If the item is setup with the Min Slot Qty, then the item will show on the report when the pick face drops below this minimum quantity, regardless of what is on order.
    2. If the item is setup with a Replenish Qty, this will be added to the amount that needs to be replenished
    3. This report is only looking at the S1 Min Slot and Replenish Qty fields.
  5. Hold Locations are not included (by Default, parameter can change this)
    1. Locations set as Hold are not included when looking for backstock locations