September Releases

WOS Manager
New User Group Settings
  • A new set of User Group settings are available for the new WOS Fulfillment 
  • Each process that is put into the WOS Fulfillment app will have a distinct set of Group settings
  • These will be separate and distinct from the legacy Group settings
  • Users can be assigned 1 group from both the legacy Groups and the new User Groups
  • Created and last updated details are displayed within each User Group
UNKNOWN Location Updates
  • Items can no longer be assigned the UNKNOWN location as a Home or Dedicated location
  • Order Lines can no longer be manually assigned the UNKNOWN location for picking
  • Reset Picks options no longer allow UNKNOWN to be a selected location
Client Portal
  • CSV Order Import will accept a Client Name to apply orders to the correct client.
  • Add additional Item fields to the Inventory view
  • Add additional Order details and a list of Boxes used for the order
  • Fix errors in creating a new order through the portal
Other Updates
  • Major update to back-end libraries to stay current on latest releases
  • Provide greater error details in emails related to CSV imports

Release Details
Release Version: TBD
Release Date: Expected 9/20/2023
WOS Fulfillment (New iOS App)
General Settings
  • New User Group settings to control WOS Fulfillment settings
  • Timeout setting allows tablet to be automatically logged out after set time has elapsed.
  • Ability to perform search from Home Page instead of using Manage Inventory to search for details
Manage Inventory
  • New Manage Inventory App is released
  • App includes 3 main functions, Puts, Pulls, and Move.  Features of the new app include
    • Scan Each Item to enter quantity instead of typing quantity with each item scan
    • Tap Selection allows additional scans to be assigned by tapping on a record from the displayed data
    • Handles management of multiple lots in a single location
    • Search for item by Name instead of scanning item barcode

Release Details
Release Version: TBD
Release Date: 9/20/2023