Licensing for WarehouseOS

Licenses for WarehouseOS are structured around the number of active, concurrent devices allowed on the system.

  • A separate device and license for each user in the warehouse is not necessary if they won't be using the tablets at the same time
  • A day shift and a night shift can use the same devices and therefore share a license
  • Licensing is a monthly fee without the requirement of an annual contract
  • Licenses are billed on maximum number of devices used per quarter
  • Using only some of the functionality usually results in fewer devices needed so there is rarely concessions on pricing for disabling inventory or other features
  • To request changes to the number of devices, i.e. for peak season capacity, contact and the change can typically be done within a day

Licensing for WOS Insight

Licenses for WOS Insight are structured around report instances and volume of data processed

  • Data is extracted from WarehouseOS and transformed into a Data Warehouse for reporting. The volume of data processed can affect the licensing fees
  • A PowerBI Pro license is required to view the report
  • WarehouseOS can provide a PowerBI Pro license for an additional fee
  • Multiple users can access the same report without additional licenses