Order Promos allows for customized microsites to be managed within a single system.  All of the microsites are made available with a single API key and connection.

Items Integration

Items setup in Order Promos can be automatically downloaded into WarehouseOS.  Items are pulled from their system based on the last date the item was updated.  This allows updates to the items to be pulled into WarehouseOS. 

Order Management

Order Download

Orders are queried out of Order Promos based on an updated date.  The updated date allows the order to be resent by updating the order in Order Promos.


After an order is picked in WarehouseOS, the picked details are pushed back to Order promos to create a shipment.  This can happen at the time of Picking or Packing.  WarehouseOS recommends performing this operation at Packing.  If an integration between WarehouseOS and a Shipping system is setup, tracking details will be gathered so that the Shipment created in Order Promos includes those details.

Shipments are order-level only.  Order line details are not sent. A flag can be passed in to determine if the order status should be changed to "shipped" or "partial".  


All client sites within a login can be part of the same integration.  

  1. Open the Profile of the logged in user
  2. Go to the API tab
  3. Generate a New API Token
    1. Record that value because it won't be provided at a later time
    2. If an API token already exists, skip this step
  4. Find the correct API token and click on Clients to open a list of available clients
  5. Search for the client if necessary and update the Assigned value to On