WOS Manager
Batch Build Beta
  • Added Item Categories column to show an aggregate of the Categories fields of all the items on the order
  • Added Item Bundles column to show if items on the order match to a configured Item Bundle
  • Added Full Order Zone column to show which orders can be fully picked within a zone set as a Full Order Zone
  • PackOne Eligibility has been updated to consider single item instead of single line, allowing for an allocation that splits an order line to still be considered as a PackOne eligible order
  • Increase the width of the Saved Filter drop down
  • Allow And/Or filters to Pick Seq and Pick Seq Magnitude columns
  • Correct error where filtering on a list of 20+ items wouldn't be applied
  • Create batches in the order that the grid was sorted
Order Edit
  • Add an option to reset the picks per line instead of requiring it for the entire order
Item Edit
  • Allow the Item Number to be edited
  • Add the ability to set a Cycle Count in the Inventory grid within the Item page
  • Correct error where Country of Origin was being cleared when saving an item
  • Add "Full Order Zone" option to indicate that orders should be able to be fully picked out of the zone
  • Add Type field to Area
Host Message Grid
  • Add an action to set a task status back to Unread so it can be reprocessed through an integration
Support Pages
  • Automatically expand the Chat option on the Contact Support page
  • Update New Features link to point to a page detailing the most recent release
Other Updates
  • Add ability to do a preview the documents in the Print Queue
  • Expand the description of the Item drop down when adding an item to a PO or Order
  • Allow the ability to enter a pick location when creating an order line
  • Added Cycle Count Performed to the Type filter in the History Log
  • Stop logging Item Update messages into the History Log
  • Cart Page will no longer show PO Receipts against POs that are closed.
  • Correct error where Receive To Storage would not work for Backstock locations
  • Correct error where HostId was being cleared when a PO was saved
  • Correct error where creating new printer would duplicate the printer
  • Correct spelling error on Pack One Site setting

Release Details
Release Version:
Release Date: 10/12/2022
API and Integrations
Order API
  • Correct error in how Client Order Number was being generated when Client Module was being used
Inventory API
  • Add an option to filter by Client

Release Details
Released with Tablet Director