WOS Manager
Cell Picking
  • A new way to pick orders:  High velocity inventory can be stored in locations placed right at the pack station.  Batches of orders are pulled to a cell and picked and packed in a single step.
  • Locations are assigned to a Cell to identify which locations should be picked together
  • Cells are assigned to a Group, allowing multiple cells of the same configuration to be running at the same time
Batch Build Beta
  • A new approach to batching orders; Batch Build Beta is required to create batches for Cell picking
  • All types of batches (Pack One, Cell Picking, and Standard) can be batched from the same page
  • Instead of separate grids, ALL orders assigned to a Cart Type or Cell Group will appear in the Assigned grid; eliminating the possibility of orders getting lost in an unexpected grid.
  • Cart Types can be saved as part of the saved filters
  • New options in the Create Batches button allow for a set number of batches or different batch size for PackOne batches to be set
  • Orders on Hold are not shown in the Unassigned Orders grid, eliminating the possibility of orders set to Hold from getting batched and picked
  • An incrementing Line Number is shown on the Unassigned grid so it's easier to identify the number of orders being selected
Reorder Point
  • New field added to Item Master record that can track a "Reorder Point"
  • This value can be managed in the Item Edit screen, or bulk updated through a CSV upload, setting it in the Item Grid, or via API
  • A new report will show items that total available inventory has dropped below the reorder point
Cycle Count Source
  • A "Source" field has been added to the Cycle Count tasks in the Queue Manager
  • The Source column will show if the cycle count was created from the Web, App, or API
Batches Updates
  • Assign Device can be used to "reassign" a batch to a device that was different from the one that started picking it
  • When clicking Undo Batch, add an error message so the user is notified if the batch could not be undone
  • On the Order Edit page, the Add to Batch button will show the Cart Type and only batches that have open compartments
Item Bundles
  • Before the Bundle is split into its components, add the Bundle Name to a new field on the order line so the original Bundle can be identified
  • Add a new Bundle Description field to add some definition to Bundles
Support Chat Option
  • On the Contact Support page, add an option to chat with support for when a more real-time experience is needed
Improved Logging in the History Log
  • PO Receive will record the Received Location
  • Release Order will log the user that performed the action
  • Order Create will show the line count in Qty1 and total Qty in Qty2
  • A Put and a Pull will log the "old quantity" into the Qty 2 field
  • When the Client module is turned on, the Create Order log will now log the prefixed order
Other Updates
  • Prevent location from being deleted if it's part of an active PO Putaway task
  • Fix an issue where Items were being created even if there was a matching Bundle
  • Correct an error preventing PO Detail Lines from being edited
  • The Create Group  screen was missing some of the new Group settings
  • Correct an error where the Order Line was not copying the Line Value if it was split for allocation or other reasons
  • Rearrange fields on the Order Edit page, hopefully making it flow more logically
  • Update the support links to point to wiki.warehouseos.com instead of warehouseos.freshdesk.com
  • Terms of Service link updated to the correct location

Release Details
Release Version:
Release Date: 7/13/2022
WOS Operations App
Cell Picking
  • New app to pick Cell Batches
  • Batch of orders is downloaded.  Orders are advanced one order at a time
  • Cell Picking is a one-step Pick and Pack operation

Release Details
Release Version: #.#.# Build ######
Release Date: TBD
API and Integrations
Auto Batching API
  • Added Note and Sequence field to Auto Batching API
  • Added the ability to allow batches to be create against PackOne cart type
Host Triggers
  • New triggers for Cell Picking
  • Add the Bundle Name if a bundle line was split into components

Release Details
Released with Tablet Director