A standard REST API is provided to interface with WOS Manager. Please see WOS Manager API Docs for details on which API calls are available.

Host Triggers can be used to capture triggered actions.  These are often called Web Hooks in other systems.

WOS Manager provides the following screens to help manage the Host interface.

API Docs

This screen documents the API for all inbound messages (Host->WOS Manager). For ease of use the messages are grouped by functional area (ie, Inventory, Orders, POs, Locations, Items and HostQueue).

Click the link circled in blue for information on the Host Agent flag file message format.

Click on any API message (above) to view its details. Each field is defines and an example is provided for each supported format. In addition there is a <Try it out> button which enables calling the API from this page. 

APIs called while <Try It Out> is enabled will perform the action against the live system.  Use this feature with caution as it will affect the live data in WOS Manager.


Use of the REST API requires an API Key.  This key can be found in the Site Settings page from the menu at the top right of WOS Manager

Host Triggers

Host Triggers screen defines all the API messages which may be sent from WOS Manager to a Host. Each Trigger is fully configurable and may be turned on and off at any time.

For details on a specific Trigger, click the Documentation link to the right of the Trigger of interest. The Trigger content and format is detailed.

To configure a Trigger (or edit Trigger) simply click on the Trigger link in the Type column.

Use the drop-down list to help select the appropriate configuration and click the <Save> button. The Trigger is now enabled.


Triggers support two (2) transport methods:

  • SendToQueue: The Trigger is queued up in the system Host Queue.
  • SendToURL: The Trigger is sent to the defined URL. The Trigger is not queued within the system.

Host Messages

The Host Messages screen is used to manage your Trigger Host Queue.

Remember a Trigger is an API message being setting from WOS Manager to a Host. One of the options when configuring a Trigger, is to have the Trigger queue up in the WOS Manager Host Queue.

The Host Messages screen will list all messages currently queue.

When possible pertinent data such as (Order#. PO#, Item#) is placed in Reference Number field.


Navigating the data:

To help navigate through the queue the following features are provided:

Sort on Type  column

Sort on Reference Number column – typically the Order Number when available

Sort on Message Created Date/Time column

Sort on Status column


To delete a group of messages select the message so that the lines highlighted, then in the Select Action dropdown select <Delete>, then click the <Save Selected> button. 


To view the details on any single message simply click the <Show> button of the specific message to view. The detail message is displayed. See example below.