Global-E has a very basic integration in regards to the warehouse operations. With their focus on international shipments, this integration is usually run in parallel with another shipping system.

Order Management Details

Orders are not downloaded directly from the Global-E. They integrate directly with ecommerce sites to provide additional functionality in the Shopping Cart for international Orders. All of the Order Details are pulled directly into their system and all of the shipping details and documents are decided. The Global-E Order Number is attached to the Order within the ecommerce site. This Global-E Order Number must be included as the Order is downloaded to the warehouse through the integration with the ecommerce site.

Automated Label Creation

After an Order is picked, WarehouseOS will make a request to the Global-E API to retrieve the labels created for the specific Order. The Global-E Order Number is required for this call.

The Global-E API allows for multiple labels to be created for multiple boxes. The contents of each box are provided by SKU so they can be correctly reflected on the packing slips. 

Timing of Labels

Global-E must know about the entire Order shipping at that time within a single call. Labels created immediately after the Order is Picked is created as a single package. This pulls the label into WarehouseOS for a faster experience in printing. If a multiple Box scenario is needed, the labels won't be created and printed until the Order is completely Packed and the last Box is closed. At that time, the complete Order Packing Details will be sent to generate labels for each box.

Order Dispatch

A daily call to Global-E will be made to dispatch all the Orders that were Picked and had labels created that day. There isn't an interface provided to select and manage the list of Orders being sent. Instead, Orders are tagged as labels are created and this tag is used to automatically identify all of the orders that should be dispatched. After the dispatch call, they are again marked to show the dispatch was complete so they are not included in future dispatch calls.