WarehouseOS has a robust API that allows for a variety of connections.  The API and Host Triggers can often be used to customize workflows and adapt the system to specific needs.

Self Managed

Anyone with a knowledge of a REST API and the tools to write and run code against them can connect and use the WOS API.  Please review these documents to get started

We also recommend working with a member of the WarehouseOS team for advice on the best API calls and approach for your integration.

WOS Managed

WarehouseOS does not have any direct or embedded integrations with other systems.  Instead, when the WarehouseOS team writes an integration, is used as the integration platform.  Instalink is a web-based integration tool that focuses on API connections and provides many benefits when used for integrations between WOS and other systems.  

  • The interface makes it east to visually see what is happening in the integration
  • Connectors allow pieces of an integration to be standardized so they don't need to be rewritten for each integration
  • Each integration is written in its own project workspace; this allows for customizations to fit the specific project's needs
  • Existing projects and flows can be cloned into other projects and used as templates
  • Together, connectors, projects, and cloned flows can speed up implementation or allow for adjustments to make the project fit the specific need
  • Detailed logs are kept for two months that allow for troubleshooting when necessary

Because Instalink is a 3rd party system, setup and configuration can't be controlled through WOS.  Access to Instalink can be provided upon request.  Some training and knowledge of Instalink would be required.  This access can be useful to review logs or maybe watch an Instalink Queue Stream.  

In most cases, the WarehouseOS team will maintain the integration and manage it as part of the WarehouseOS Support offering.  If WarehouseOS has not already integrated with the desired Host, we will most likely be willing to take on that project and write the integration, assuming the Host can provide access to the data and functions necessary.  WarehouseOS integrations can only access data or perform functions that is made available through a published API, SQL connection, or files placed on an FTP site if no other option is available.

WOS Integrations

The following pages provide more information on the integration the WarehouseOS team can setup and manage.

Details about the integration options to a specific host can be found on the host specific page.