WOS iPad hardware is not required but is recommend for convenience of use and the longevity of the iPad.

iPad Requirements

Users will need to make sure that the iPad they purchase is up to date to fulfill Apple iOS requirements for the apps.  Apple sets a minimum standard that app developers must maintain.  To stay within that standard, WarehouseOS will  advance the minimum standard for WarehouseOS apps at as reasonable a pace as possible.

WMS Fusion (the current/legacy iPad app) requires iPadOS 13 or greater.

The new WOS Fulfillment app requires iPadOS 17 or greater.  As functionality is moved into the WOS Fulfillment app, eventually the WMS Fusion app will be deprecated.

In the table below there is a list of the devices and acceptable iPadOS for app updates.

Highlighted in the green are the acceptable iPad versions.

The newest iPad will provide the longest life as iPadOS advances and WarehouseOS development strives to be compatible with the latest versions.  iPad Pro, Air, and mini versions of the iPad are not necessary to run WarehouseOS.

iPad Enclosure

The enclosures that WOS builds for the iPads are made for models that are 10th gen or newer.

With rough warehouse conditions, this WarehouseOS Protective Case gives your iPad an added layer of protection against cracks, scratches, and dents.

Note: The iPad must run iPadOS13 or better for WMS Fusion or iPadOS17 or better for WOS Fulfillment.  

iPad Extended Battery Bracket

The battery bracket allows for the RavPower battery to be stored on the back of the iPad cover for extended iPad battery life.

Note:  There is a new battery bracket that is being produced for a new battery size. As of March 2022 older users would need to purchase new brackets and batteries if needed, new users can purchase the new generation of batteries and battery brackets.

iPad Extended Battery 

Extend the life of your iPad with the RavPower Power Bank PD Pioneer 

  • Simultaneous 3-Device Charge: Connect and charge up to 3 devices with the power bank with dual outputs and PD outlet
  • Fully recharge the power bank in only 5.75hrs
  • The LED indicator displays the available power level of battery pack and charging status 

Note: This power bank includes USB-C port but USB-C to Lightning cable is not included.

iPad Swivel Mount Attachment

The swivel mount attachment allows you to secure your iPad to a cart. This attachment is compatible with the iPad Enclosure.