An Item Bundle is sold as a single unit, but it is comprised of multiple components that are inventoried separately and must each be picked.

When Orders are created through the API, it will look for an Item Bundle when it matches order line items to Items configured in WOS. If it finds a matching Item Bundle, it will split the order line into each component so that each component Item can be picked.

Note: When an Order identifies a matching Item in WOS, it uses the following list of rules. It stops as soon as it finds a match.
   1. Match from the list of Items
   2. Match to an Alias that has been configured on 1 and only 1 Item
   3. Match to an Item Bundle

Because of this process, if the same Item Number ends up being created as both an Item and a Bundle, Orders will link back to the Item and will not be split out for each component.

Create an Item Bundle

  1. Go to Maint -> Item Bundles
  2. Click on Create New
  3. Enter the Bundle Number and the Bundle Description
    1. Bundle Number is required and is should match the SKU/Item Number that will come through on Orders
    2. Bundle Description is only used to help identify and manage bundles and is not used anywhere else
  4. Click Create
  5. On the Edit Item Bundle, add Items to the Bundle Items section
  6. Click Add Item and enter the Item Number and Quantity
    1. The Quantity represents how many of that Item is in the Bundle
    2. If the Bundle contains 2 hats, and a customer orders 3 Bundles, the User will be directed to pick 6 hats
  7. Click Save Changes

The Bundle will now show the Items and Quantity of all the components of the bundle

Bundle Usage

When an Order is created through the API and includes the Item Number "wntrBndl-forest", it will split the line to each component and multiply the quantity.

There is not currently a way to split an order line into its components once the order comes to WOS. If this is necessary, the Order will need to be deleted and resent through the API. Please reach out to for help.

Convert Item to Bundle

An action on the Edit Item page allows an Item to be converted to a Bundle. Currently, this action only creates the Bundle header. Navigating to the Bundles page and adding the Bundle Items is required.

Note: If the Item is tied to either Inventory or Orders, the Bundle will be created but the Item can't be deleted. 
Until the open Orders and Inventory is resolved, the Item with that Bundle Name can't be deleted and all future Orders will link to the Item and will not have the Bundle split into components.