With the development of the new WOS Fulfillment app comes a new set of Group settings. To distinguish between the two settings, these groups are being called User Groups. The settings related to the legacy WMS Fulfillment app are remaining as simply Groups.

To use the new WOS Fulfillment app, a User Group will need to be created and assigned to Users. Without this new User Group, Users will not have permission to perform any functionality in the new WOS Fulfillment app.

Legacy Groups

WMS Fusion used a selection of Group settings to control how Users could interact with the app on the iOS device. Over time, as more features were added, these settings became a little more confusing. Different approaches to picking were designed and implemented (Single Pick, Batch Pick, PackOne Pick). While the Group settings were considered, they weren't always separated in their logic. The result is that over time, warehouse managers would have to create multiple Groups to accomplish picking in different ways. Because each User can only be assigned to a single Group, this often meant multiple logins for each User had to be managed.


  • Cart Picking - This setting is a general picking app. Batch Picking should always be done on a cart so that Orders and their compartments can remain organized. But there are situations where Single Pick doesn't always need a Cart. Because this is a general group setting, turning off Cart Picking to utilize this in Single Pick meant that Batch Picking also followed this rule.
  • Bulk Picking (Pack One) - A selection of settings allowed the Compartment Scan screen to be ignored and allow a bulk Pick of the Item. In some cases the Compartment Scan screen was displayed but a button would auto-complete all Orders instead of requiring a scan of each compartment. These features were used for PackOne and other purposes for performing Bulk Pick operations. But by selecting them they were also available for regular Batch picking. We also saw in situations where Picks before Puts wouldn't work with both set of settings, requiring multiple groups to accommodate the needs.
  • Require LPN - For Packing, the requirement to enter an LPN number was a system setting that either applied to all Users or it didn't. But for Verify this was a setting that was applied per Group.
  • Moves by Area - Group Settings already allowed a separation of restricting moves by Area from other transactions. But it didn't allow more granular settings to allow some Users to Put into an Area without also being able to Pull from an Area.

New User Groups

The new User Groups provide a new approach to managing User settings.

  • Instead of collapsible sections, each operational app has a different tab to easily and quickly navigate to the right section.
  • Each functional process has its own set of settings. If all Inventory Management functions should allow tap, for example, that setting will need to be enabled for each Group. While possibly adding steps to make sure each function works the same, it also allows for granular settings to reduce the number of User Groups that are needed and the number of logins required by each User.
  • Time stamps show when the Group was created. It also shows which WOS Manager account last edited the User Group. It is not specific for each tab.

Get more details on the new User Groups from the WarehouseOS Documentation here.