An Item Number, often referred to as the SKU in other systems, is required when creating orders in WarehouseOS.  If an Item Number is not provided, the order creation will fail.  Because some host systems don't require a SKU value be put on their items, this can sometimes cause a problem pulling orders into WOS.  

As a workaround, the WarehouseOS Order integration can identify order lines without an Item Number and enter a generic value that will allow the order to be created.  An item in WarehosueOS is created with the Item Number "NoSku".  The description for this item is set as "Line did not have a SKU and could not be mapped to an Item".  The Item Description is tied to the Item.  It's not possible for this to be unique for each order.  The generic description ensures that there is some instruction that this line needs to be mapped to an item before it can be picked.

Integration Steps

The WarehouseOS team will setup the integration to perform the following steps.

  • Look for lines that have a blank SKU value.
  • Assign "NoSku" as the sku value for that line
  • Add the description for the ordered item as a Note for that order line.  This allows it to be reviewed within WOS even though the Item Description for the NoSku item cannot be unique across multiple orders.

Identifying orders with the NoSku item

The Item Master Edit page will show a list of open order lines tied to that item.  By opening the NoSku item, a list of orders tied to this NoSku item can be seen.

  1. Go to Maint and Items
  2. Search for the NoSku item and open the Item Master Edit page
  3. Expand the Order Lines section to see all the orders that are tied to this NoSku item
  4. Open each order and perform the steps found below to correct the order

Correcting the NoSku Order Lines

When an order with NoSku is identified, the following steps can be followed to map the order line to the correct item.

  1. Open the order to the Order Edit page
  2. Click on the Line # (NOT on the Item Number) to edit the order line
  3. In the Edit Order Line page, identify the correct item by looking at the Notes value
  4. Search for the correct item and select it from the list.
    NOTE: Be sure to select the item from the drop down so it correctly applies the item to the line.
  5. Save the order line and close the window
  6. Back on the Order Edit page, Refresh the order Lines to see the updated line.
  7. Allocate the order so the new item can allocate against the correct inventory.