Zones are a way of creating sections within the warehouse.  There are several ways that Zones can be used within WarehouseOS.

Segmenting The Warehouse with Zones

Zones can be used to create sections of similar locations.  Some examples of how Zones have been used to create sections include:

  • Identifying locations that hold Small, Medium, or Large items
  • Identifying dense locations used for picking vs those locations used for overflow or backstock
  • Identifying types of products stored in special sections of the warehouse

After an order is allocated, the zones assigned to the pick locations are grouped and shown in the Order and Batch Build pages.  This can especially help when batching orders to minimize travel distance when grouping orders that were allocated into the same zones.

Picking and User Zone Permissions

Users can be assigned to only specific zones.  These are used to indicate "permission" to pick orders against those zones.

Single Pick with Zones

When picking an order with Single Pick, a user will only be presented with the order lines for the zones they have permission. This allows multiple users to pick the same order at the same time, only picking the zones they are allowed to pick

Batch Pick with Zones

When picking an order with Batch Pick, a user can only retrieve a batch if they have permissions to all the zones on the batch. It will not show only the lines they have permission to pick, but will instead prompt an error that they are not eligible to pick any part of that batch.

Full Order Zones

To improve the speed of picking, locations within a small footprint can be assigned to a Zone marked as a Full Order Zone. When batching, orders that can be fully picked out of a Full Order Zone are shown the zone in the eligibility column in the Unassigned grid.  By setting up multiple zones with a small footprint, even repeating product within these zones, this option can be a way of separating and assigning pickers to separate parts of the warehouse.

If the option to batch to a Full Order Zone is selected, all of the orders in that batch will be unallocated and the reallocated to the specified zone.  All orders in the batch must be eligible for the same Full Order Zone to use this option.

The assignment of a Full Order Zone to an order is based on the inventory in the locations within the Zone, not necessarily available or non-allocated inventory.


Zones that are marked as Enable Replenish are shown in the Zone Replenishment reports as a pick zone that needs to be replenished.  All zones not marked as Enable Replenish are then considered candidates for available backstock inventory that can be used to replenish the pick zones.

Adding Locations to a Zone

Zone assignments can be managed from the Locations grid. The column Zone will identify the Zone the Location has been assigned to. Actions below the grid can be used to update and manage the Zone assignment.

  1. Go to Maint -> Locations
  2. Filter the grid to the desired locations
  3. In the Actions menu below the grid, select Set Zone
  4. Select a Zone from the options
  5. Click Save Filtered
    1. Alternatively, only select a portion of the filtered Locations and select Save Selected

Managing Zone Locations

Follow the instructions from the Adding Locations to a Zone section. The Actions menu below the Locations grid can be used to set or clear a Zone from the selected Locations.