Replenishment process

Replenishment is performed in 3 separate steps.

  1. Identify and create Tasks for the needed Replenishment.
    1. Options for creating tasks can be found in Replenishment Report and Task Creation.
  2. Pick Items out of Backstock and stage them in a Replenish Location.
  3. Put Items into the pickface from the staged Replenish Location.
    1. Processes for both the Replenish Pick and Replenish Put steps can be found in Replenishment Process.

Note: The Replenishment App has not yet been developed to handle Lot Tracking. This feature will be coming at a future date as the Manage Inventory app is updated into the new WOS Fulfillment app.

Required Configuration

Using Replenishment within WarehouseOS requires some setup within the system.  Without these steps, the Replenishment Report won't be able to identify needed Replenishment. 

Replenishment by Zone or Home Location has a few slight differences in the setup requirements. Most of the configuration is the same and detailed below. Differences are noted.

  • Item Masters set to Active and Enable Replenishment
    1. Items that need to be considered for Replenishment need to have the Active flag set to "true"
    2. Items that need to be considered for Replenishment need to have the Enable Replenishment flag set to "true"
  • Item Masters set with a Pickface Min and Max Qty
    1. If the Item is setup with a Pickface Min Qty, then the Item will show on the report when the pickface drops below this minimum quantity, regardless of what is on Order.
    2. If the item is setup with a Pickface Max Qty, this will be considered in deciding how much can be Replenished.
  • Item Masters set with a Area Min and Max Qty, if using By Area report
    • Area Min Qty is used to identify when an Item needs to have more brought to the Picking area.
    • Only required when the By Area report is being used.
  • By Zone Setup
    1. Locations should be configured with Zones.
    2. The pickface Locations should have a different Zone than the Locations with Backstock Inventory.
    3. Pickface Zones set to Enable Replenish as "true".
  • By Home Location setup
    • Items need to be setup with an assigned Home Location.
    • Zones on the Home Location are not required, but assigning them can provide the ability to swap between Home and Zone reports.
    • Because Zones are not required on the Home Location, the Enable Replenish flag on the zone is not required.
  • By Area Setup
    • Locations must be configured with an Area.
    • Areas where Picking will occur must be setup as type Pick.
    • Areas that will be used to refresh the Rick area must be set as type Overflow.

Legacy Reports

Paper based reports that were used in the past should not be needed in most cases, but they are still available. See these articles for details on the legacy paper based reports.

The current replenishment process was not designed for all replenishment processes and the following reports might still be needed. (Documentation on these reports is coming)

  • Replenishment - Cell Picking
  • Replenishment - Items Not in Pickface
  • Priority Putaway - Home Location
  • Priority Putaway - Zone Min