Welcome to WOS! WarehouseOS delivers a full inventory management system that is backed by real results. With over 50 years of experience in all types of operations, HOJ Innovations has developed a tablet-based warehouse mobile solutions (WMS) system to help businesses, both small and large, maximize productivity from the moment products hit the warehouse floor. With inventory management, batch picking and packing, receiving, and much more, WarehouseOS offers everything you need to kick your business into high gear. 

Here at WOS, we know that transitioning from a system that tracks warehouse operations on physical paper to an electronic system that tracks operations for you is a momentous change. There is a learning curve to the transition process but improving operations and inventory management is the first step to growing and scaling a business. 

In this “Getting Started” article, you will be walked through the step-by-step process on how to setup WOS in WOS Manager (the backend/website, formerly known as Tablet Director) and to setup WOS Operations (formerly known as WMS Fusion) on the Tablet (iPad). You will learn how WOS can help you save time and money, and how we have proven to be faster by design.

Setup in WOS Manager

WOS Manager is the Web Application that is used to manage the system. Warehouse managers and supervisors typically use it to manage the system and prepare tasks for the warehouse employees to do on the tablets.

WarehouseOS distinguishes between Accounts that will log into WOS Manager and Users that will log into WOS Operations. Accounts use Roles to assign permissions to WOS Manager. To begin with, follow the step by step links below to manage accounts and roles. 

1. WOS Manager Accounts

2. WOS Manager Roles

Once roles have been assigned to accounts the next step is to create Groups and Users in WOS Manager for the use of warehouse employees on the floor that use the tablet. 

Users use Groups to assign permissions to WOS Operations. Because a User is assigned to a Group, processes can differ for warehouse employees based on skill, experience, or job responsibilities. Next, follow the step by step links below to manage groups and users.  

Note: To clarify, Groups can be configured to allow certain permissions and settings. Users will be assigned to a Group in coordination to those permissions and settings. 

3. WOS Operations Groups

4. WOS Operations Users

Setup in WOS Operations for iPad

WOS Operations is the name of the iPad app that is used to interact with inventory and picking orders. Its functions range from picking, packing, receiving, and inventory management.

In setting up the iPad, users will need to utilize both WOS Manager and the actual tablet to get all settings configured and ready for the process of WOS Fulfillment. Follow the links below to setup WOS Operations on the tablet and use other available features.

1. WOS Operations Setup 

2. Devices 

Creating Carts & WOS Picking

Now that WOS Manager and the Tablet (iPad) have been setup we are ready for the operations process that will happen on the floor.

The next step is to create Carts for orders to be placed and batch orders if the method is being used for picking, otherwise single pick will be used as needed. Follow the step by step links below to create carts and learn the picking process of WOS.

1. Setting Up Cart Types

2. Batch Build in WOS Manager

3. Batch Pick 

4. Single Pick

5. WOS Operations Packing

Hardware Setup

Hardware like iPads and scanners will need to be used in the operation of WOS picking. Links for recommended hardware like scanners and printers are listed below.

Warning: You are to choose the hardware to your system, but WOS recommends the listed hardware for efficient compatibility and convenience. 
Choosing other hardware may lead to complications in the process of WOS picking.

Other Setup & Overview

The sections above have summarized the Getting Started for WOS. By following the steps as listed the system should be able to be run. Our focus is to make the WOS user interface simple and easy to understand. This focus enables features to maximize productively while minimizing mistakes, creating an efficient process.

If clarification is needed about the topics discussed in this article, here are some other articles that outline the processes of WOS.

  1. Setup and Configuration
  2. Order Picking

Other features in WOS Manager that can be used for daily operation are listed below.

Other features in WOS Operations app that can be used for daily operation are listed below.