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WOS Manager
Orders Updates
  • Merge the separate Packed and Verified flags into a single value
  • Update the Order History to show type as a list of values
  • Add the Calculate Allocation Status action
  • New Popup asks for confirmation before performing a Reset Picks or Clear Active Flag
Batch Build
  • When Areas are being used, orders must be in the same area when being batched  (no multi-area batches)
Saved Filters
  • Add the Saved Filters option to the following pages:
    • Batches
    • Batch Build Pack One
    • Orders
    • Order Details
    • History Log
Reports Module
  • Added Categories and Grouping to create a folder-like structure for reports
  • Add new location type "Backstock"  (acts like Reserve until updates for future use)
  • Allow grouping in the locations grid
  • Add Location Barcode button
Client Portal
  • When the "Client" module is turned on, it provides access to a Client Portal.
  • Accounts can be created against a single Client, giving them access to view Orders, Items, and Inventory related to that Client.
Other Updates
  • Terms of Service link is available at footer of WOS Manager
  • Create an Allocation by Ship Date which sorts orders by Ship Date when allocating
  • Print Queue page updated to show filters that are applied on page load
  • Inventory Pull was not generating the Inline Replenishment Task
  • Correct Edit Item page to show local instead of UTC time

Release Details
Release Version: Aggregated over multiple releases
Release Date: 5/12/2021
WOS Operations App
PO Putaway
  • Refresh list of putaways after successful putaway

Release Details
Release Version: Aggregated over multiple releases
Release Date: 5/28/2021
API and Integrations
Host Triggers
  • Prevent multiples of the same trigger from being created within WOS Manager
  • Remove deprecated triggers
Empty Locations API
  • New API to get a list of empty locations

Release Details
Released with Tablet Director