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Typical Integration

Downloading Purchase Orders into WOS is a NOT part of a basic integration. When implemented, POs are downloaded and wait for the product to arrive before being received. Receiving in WOS is a multi-step process. The receipts against the PO are typically pushed back up to the Host system when the full receipt process in WOS is completed, after the inventory is added to a location with the PO Putaway process.

Receipts Documents and Timing

Some Host systems format receipts as a document that gets created against a Purchase Order. The document groups receipts together and often requires that receipts are held in a staged status until the document is ready to receive.

WOS does not format receipts in a document. Each Putaway transaction is distinct. As soon as they are completed, they are available to push back to the Host system as a PO Receipt. The integration can group these Putaway transactions into a document if the Host system requires it. The timing of receipts and how many transactions are grouped will depend on how often WOS is checked for completed PO Putaways.

Updating a PO

WOS allows POs to be updated.  Received quantities cannot be adjsuted with a PO update, but the Expected Quantity can be updated at any time. When the same PO number is pushed into WOS, the line numbers are compared using the Item Number and Host Id. Matches then update the lines. Non-matches are added to the PO. The update process does not allow for deleting lines off of the PO.

Creating Received POs

A Purchase Order can be sent to WOS in an already received state. A location must be provided to indicate where, within the warehouse, these received items have been placed. This allows for skipping the receiving step and go straight to the PO Puaway stage. This can be helpful in Transfers or other similar transactions where the shipment was performed by company personnel and performing a 2-step receipt doesn't add much value.

Received POs do not have an update process.