April Releases

WOS Manager
Replenishment Report
  • New Replenishment Report will tie into new replenishment process within WOS
  • Report allows for three versions of the report to be run:  Home Location, Zone, Area
  • Report identifies items that need to be replenished based on Minimum Pickface Qty or open orders
  • A suggested backstock location to pull the inventory from is recommended but can be overwritten in the report
  • The report will create tasks in the Work Queue that will start the replenishment process in the WOS Fulfillment app.
Batch Build
  • Correct issue where the sort was not honored when using Save Filtered
  • Cart Types will be sorted by Name instead of by the internal id
  • New function to merge 2 items.  A Source (to be deleted) and Destination (kept, merged into) item are identified.  All of the orders, inventory, and other relations to the source item will be updated to point to the destination item
  • Item Barcode updated with a new font
  • Locations grid did not include the new Replenish type in the Type column filter
  • Location Barcode updated with a new font
  • Ability to delete users instead of just flagging them as inactive is reinstated
  • Back-end processes around User Avatars are updated to make this feature more available in the new iOS App
Other Updates
  • Inventory Summary Report by default will show lines that have committed orders but no inventory
    • Previously these records only showed when flipping the flag "Include zero inventory items"
  • History Log will now store the Reason Code for Puts, Pulls, and Move into a new column specific for Reason Codes
  • History Log will record the Lot # from the inventory record when recording Puts, Pulls, or Moves
  • History Log will capture the logged-in account approving the cycle count when a Cycle Count Completed is recorded
  • Order Line Edit will include fields that were previously hidden in that page: Line Status, Bundle Number, Line Value
  • Import process includes a new email with more details about the error that caused the file to not import
  • Several back-end updates to improve general system performance

Release Details
Release Version:
Release Date: 4/5/2023
  • Add additional Zone types for future use
Other Updates
  • Several back-end and database updates

Release Details
Release Version:
Release Date: 4/12/2023
Reset Picks & Remove from Batch
  • New options for the Reset Picks and Remove from Batch option
  • Add picked items to a specific location to assist in managing the inventory
  • Stage items on a different cart to be completed later
User management
  • Added ability to delete users
  • If deleted user is referenced on any other objects, it will be replaced with a default "Deleted User"
Other Updates
  • When deleting orders, related documents in the Print Queue will also be deleted

Release Details
Release Version:
Release Date: 4/26/2023
API and Integrations
Add or Update User API
  • The previously allowed URL to a user image is no longer available.  User images will need to be uploaded from WOS Manager or from the new WOS Fulfillment app
Other Updates
  • Several back-end updates to improve performance of APIs

Release Details
Released with Tablet Director
WOS Fulfillment (New iOS App)
New App Release
  • New App called WOS Fulfillment released into the app store
  • WOS Fulfillment will be the future home of all WOS Operations processes, completely replacing the current WMS Fusion app
  • New Replenishment App is released
  • Replenishment is broken into two independent steps
    1. Replen Pick works against tasks in the Work Queue to pick inventory out of Backstock locations and stage the inventory into a Replenish location
    2. Replen Put works against inventory in a Replenish location to complete the replenishment and add the inventory into a shelf location to be picked.
Other Updates
  • Site and Device name displayed at bottom of login page instead of in top left like old app
  • User Avatar shows who is logged in
  • Logout is performed in the User Menu by clicking on the User Avatar

Release Details
Release Version: 1.0.0 Build 12
Release Date: 4/6/2023
Replenishment App
  • Allow Item Aliases to be scanned
  • Display a Case Qty if the item's Case Qty is set
  • Increase font size

Release Details
Release Version: TBD
Release Date: 4/27/2023
WMS Fusion (Current iOS App)
Batch Picking
  • New "Replenish" button allows picker to flag an item for needing replenishment
Single Picking
  • New "Replenish" button allows picker to flag an item for needing replenishment
  • Add the ability to turn off Lot/Serial in Receiving
  • This feature should only be used with discretion in Serial Number only systems, otherwise it will not allow Lots to be added to inventory
  • This is provided as a stop-gap measure until a new Receiving process is developed in the new WOS Fulfillment app and can correctly implement all of the necessary flags around lots and serial numbers.

Release Details
Release Version: 5.5.9 Build 154689
Release Date: 4/6/2023