The following details provide insight into the upcoming progress for WarehouseOS.

In Progress

These features have been scoped and are currently being developed.  Timelines are not hard set, but are typically released in the next 2-3 months.

Major Features

New Packing App

A new version of the Packing app to bring it into the new WOS Fulfillment App.  The current WMS Fusion app has undergone several updates over the years and not all of them have been cohesive.  This update provides the opportunity to modernize a well-used app and fill in some minor, mostly unnoticed, holes in the logic.  Some new features will also be part of this update.

  • Documents ready to print are visible and more easily managed.  This ads the ability to identify if printing failed because documents weren't yet created or if other errors happened.
  • No-touch auto-advance to next order.  Because there is a time after the last scan of the item until the last box is physically closed, the app doesn't know when to advance to the next order.  Auto-advance is a frequently requested feature and will be performed by scanning another compartment on the cart.  This will be the no-touch indicator that the packer is finished and ready for the next order.  Options will allow auto-closing open boxes and completing the order as it moves to the next compartment
  • Automatic completion of short-picked lines.  The packer needs to see lines that were short-picked, giving them a complete view of the order to know if it's ok to proceed.  But the short-picked lines can be automatically completed instead of requiring the absence of each item not picked be verified.
  • Improved ability on box selection.  Set a sort value to place most-used boxes at the top of the list.  Scan a box UPC to make the selection instead of requiring a tap on the iPad.  Require a box selection before the packer can close the box and move on.  Set custom box sizes at time of packing instead of requiring a pre-defined list.
  • Swipe to record picking errors.  if the packer runs into issues with items that were picked, errors can be recorded so that reports can be run on how often packers are running into issues.
  • Better automation on closing orders.  A common support request is around boxes left open that keep the order from being marked as Packed.  More options in the new app will resolve many of these common problems.
  • Use of new Group Settings

These features will only be available in the new WOS Fulfillment App.  They will not be available in the current WMS Fusion App.

New Inventory Management App

A new version of the Inventory management App to bring it into the new WOS Fulfillment app.  This will include Put, Pull, Move, and Location Move.  Current issues with the implementation of Lot Tracking will be addressed, including the ability to separate Lot Tracking from Lot Tracking.  Some new features will be part of this update.

  • Cleaner interface implements the ability to expand the item's image and description
  • Search by the item description or item number to identify items that don't have a barcode to be scanned
  • Optional touch allows specific inventory records to be selected from a list instead of requiring a scanned input for each step
  • Quantity can be entered with a scan-each option instead of requiring the total quantity be typed.
  • Lot Number will be assumed on inventory transactions when there is only 1 lot in the location.  But handling situations with multiple lots is enabled, though still discouraged.
  • Empty Locations easier to find with some additional search and filter options
  • Use of new Group Settings

These features will only be available in the new WOS Fulfillment App.  They will not be available in the current WMS Fusion App.

Replenishment App Enhancements

Feedback from the first release of the new Replenishment app will be reviewed and implemented.  Design elements from the Manage Inventory app will be implemented where possible to maintain consistency between all of the processes in the new WOS Fulfillment App.

  • Add the ability to handle Lot Numbers during the replenishment function
  • Improve visibility of needed replenish qty to make this more applicable at time of replenishment
  • Improve visibility of priority on putaway to identify the most urgent items to put into the pick face
  • Improved assignment of tasks to the user, allowing aisle/row-based assignment to separate work within the warehouse.
  • Empty Locations are optional and provide additional search and filter options to make them easier to find
  • Use of new Group Settings

Minor Features

New Group Settings

Because current group settings are often shared between functionality, it causes multiple groups to be required to achieve the needed granularity.  This also requires multiple log-ins to get the desired functionality.  

The New WOS Fulfillment App will be given a new set of Group Settings.  Settings for each specific app and function will be provided, allowing for more granular control over a group's permission.  As all operations are moved into the new WOS Fulfillment App, this will reduce the need for multiple logins.

Upcoming Roadmap

These features are next in line.  They have not been fully scoped and features are subject to change.  Timelines have not been set but will become more clear once the In Progress features have been released.

Cycle Count and other Inventory updates.

Cycle Count will be rewritten into the new WOS Fulfillment app. Current issues with the implementation of Lot tracking will be addressed and streamlined in this new version of the app, including the ability to separate Lot Tracking from Lot Recording.  Some new features will also be part of this new update

  • Cycle Counts will implement the option for double-blind counts that can be compared before approval
  • Cycle Count App will provide more than counting full locations.  Identifying the next section of the warehouse to count or counting specific items will be easier.
  • In Process inventory, the items that have been picked and now exist as part of an order waiting to be packed or that have either been received but not added as inventory during Putaway, will be easier to view when searching for inventory within the warehouse
  • Use of the Work Queue will expand to being able to schedule Moves or Pulls.  Identify seasonal inventory that needs to be move out of the pick face, or quality issues that need to be pulled out of stock.  Create tasks in the work queue and users can pull these up in the app to complete the inventory updates.

These new features will only be available in the new WOS Fulfillment App.  The current WMS Fusion App will not be updated as part of these updates.

Inventory Status

Sometimes inventory needs to be put on hold while issues are reviewed and resolved.  WOS currently has Hold as a location type, but it requires moving inventory or changing location types.  A new featurew will allow specific inventory records to be set as Inactive.  Inactive inventory can't be picked or allocated against.  This will also fire off triggers that can be used in the integration to update other systems of the new status.

Granular Sub-Locations

Sometimes inventory needs to be segmented even further while not dividing up physical locations.  An implementation of sub-locations will compare to bin or LPN implementations by allowing a more granular inventory tracking when necessary. Sub-locations can provide a work-around to the WOS requirement of 1 Lot # per location.  It can also keep more granular records of inventory created dates. When a sub-location is added to a location, the sub-location must be provided to adjust or pick inventory to ensure the right inventory is edited. 

Receiving and Putaway

A rewrite of the Receiving and Putaway will follow the inventory updates.  Some potential features include

  • Implementation of the Sub-Location feature during Putaway
  • Allow multiple putaways for the same item in the same received location to be performed in one step
  • Receive multiple POs at once so a truckload of multiple POs doesn't need to be fully organized before receiving can start
  • Create a Put-wall type of receiving so that items can be more easily organized into bins by aisle
  • Auto-close POs when everything is received to simplify back-end PO views