The following section contains common settings that are updated on the scanner.  For a more complete guide, see the Unitech Quick Start guide.

If pairing the scanner to a new device, review the WOS Operations Setup and Devices pages for additional details.

Enable the iOS Keyboard

Change the volume of the beep tone

Reset to Factory Defaults

Unpair the device

Enable or Disable Vibrator Control

Firmware Updates

On rare occasions, we have seen these scanners read the barcode in a reverse or mixed sequence.  We have found that a firmware update has fixed this issue.

  1. Download the latest firmware
    2. Under Supporting Software, download the Firmware V#.##  (At the time of writing, it was Firmware V1.47)
    3. If the above link does not work, contact WOS Support and they can provide the latest copy of the firmware they have
    4. The firmware will download as a .zip file with a .bin file inside it.
  2. Go to the associated tablet (if any) and select to "Forget this Device"
    1. You will need to reconnect the scanner later.  Removing the bluetooth connection to the tablet will remove a couple of possible hangups in the process
  3. Use a USB cable to connect the scanner to the PC and then turn on the scanner
  4. Once the scanner turns on, double click the scan button
    1. This should turn the scanner into a "drive" and allow it to be read by the PC
    2. You should see a folder for the scanner show up under My Computer
    3. Scanner should flash white while it's connected through USB
  5. Copy the .bin file from the downloaded Zip and place it in the root folder in the "scanner drive"
  6. Disconnect the scanner from the USB and hold the scanner button for 2 seconds
    1. This will turn off the scanner
  7. Wait about 10 seconds and then turn the scanner back on
    1. The Firmware update will be applied on restart
    2. The scanner should flash green during the update process
  8. Once the scanner stops flashing green, a blue light should indicate that it is ready to connect to the iPad

The firmware update process can also be found on page 141 of the attached Full Manual