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WOS Manager
Users Grid
  • Add actions to the Users grid to allow for bulk edits to the users zones, areas, and other data
Edit Item
  • Added an option to convert an item to a bundle.  If a bundle gets created as an item, this will use the item number and create a bundle instead.  Components still need to be added manually.  The "item" will only be deleted if there is no inventory or orders tied to it.
  • Add Value and Unit Cost when viewing the grid on the Items page
Edit Order 
  • Add actions to the Print Documents in the Shipping Info section; allows for reprinting from the Edit Order page
History Log
  • Add additional log events for when allocation buttons are pressed within the web page
Other Updates
  • Print Queue - correct default filters when the page loads
  • Inventory Summary Report - Add calculated cost
  • Correct error where editing a closed batch changes status back to available

Release Details
Release Version: Aggregated
Release Date:  10/13/2021
API and Integrations
Users API
  • Add APIs to allow users to be created and managed through automated processes if linked to another system
Order Hold API
  • API that can put an order on hold through the API
Order APIs
  • The Get Order and Add Order API calls were not including some fields in the order profile

Release Details
Released with Tablet Director