The Open Orders by Zone report is a Zone based replenishment report that bases replenishment needs on orders entered into WOS. The report was designed so it could be printed and handed to a User that could then replenish the items on the report.

Report Contents

  • Zone shows the Replenishment Zone setup on the item
  • Total Qty Needed is the summation of all open order lines and the total quantity needed to fulfill all lines
  • Pick Face Qty is the current quantity in the pick face locations
  • Replen Qty is the difference between the Total Qty Needed and the Pick Face Qty. This is the amount that should be pulled out of back stock to ensure the orders can be fulfilled

Ship Date Filter

The Ship Date filters assumes the orders are being imported with an accurate ship date. The range can be set in the filters to focus on making sure inventory is replenished for those orders that need to be shipped out within the provided range. The default ship date range is 2 days before and 2 days after the current date.

Zone Filters

Zone filters allow the data to be filtered only to specific replenishment (or pick face) Zones or to specific backstock Zones. This can be helpful in focusing a User to a specific area of the warehouse. A User going to a specific backstock Zone can be given a report showing all the items that should be replenished out of that Zone. Or a User can be told to replenish a specific Zone within the pick face.

System Setup

Using this report requires some setup within the system before it will find any necessary replenishments

  1. Zone Setup
    1. Locations should be configured with Zones
    2. The pick face locations should have a different Zone than the locations with backstock inventory
  2. Pick face Zones set to Replenish
    1. The pick face Zones need to be set with Enable Replenish as true
  3. Item Masters set to Enable Replenishment
    1. Items that need to be considered for replenishment need to have the Enable Replenishment flag set to "true"
    2. Only open order lines for an item with enable replenishment set to true will be considered for the report
  4. Item Masters configured with a Replenishment Zone
    1. Items need to have a Replenishment Zone set
  5. Hold Locations are not included
    1. Locations set as Hold are not included when looking for backstock locations