The Motorola RS507 should connect to the tablets pretty easily.  If you are having problems, the steps below may be able to help.

To Disconnect the Scanner

  1. Go to settings on the iPad home screen > Bluetooth
  2. Look for the serial number that is associated with your scanner (serial number can be found on scanner if you pull the battery out look for the number next to "S/N") 
  3. Select the "i" on the right side of connected devices and disconnect the device 

Reset the Scanner to factory defaults

  1. Scan the following barcode to reset the scanner

Enable the scanner to connect to the iPad

  1. Perform Clean Boot to the RS507:
    • Remove the battery from the RS507.
    • Press and hold the Restore key.
    • Install the battery onto the RS507.
    • Keep holding the Restore key pressed for about five seconds until a chirp is heard and the Scan LEDs flash green.
  2. Scan the HID bar code
  3. Perform a Cold Boot by removing and re-installing the battery onto the RS507. The RS507 starts to operate and is discoverable as a keyboard.

Add an "Enter" value after the scan

  1. Scan the following barcodes in sequence to add an "enter" after the scan
  2. Disconnect battery and put the battery back in. 
  3. Open Notes on the iPad and scan a barcode into it
    1. You should see that the cursor moves to the next line after the scan