January Releases

WOS Manager
General Settings
  • App Settings page update so Track Lots can be set.
  • Error fixes when saving.
Client Portal
  • Error fixes on Orders, Inventory, and PO pages .
  • Add additional fields to the Inventory Summary Report.
  • Rename and add additional fields to the Order view.
Other Updates
  • Cycle Count updates to History Log Records.
  • Work Queue Save Filtered fixes.

Release Details
Release Version: TBD
Release Date: 01/02/2024
  • Auto-populate email with the account email
  • CSV Import writes a successful transactions to the History Log, with the record type being API Inventory Add.
Other Updates
  • When a new Alias is created, returns to the Edit Item page for the Item being worked on rather than the Item Alias page.
  • Cycle Count Confirm page checks for if the Track Lots setting is turned on/off. 
  • When deleting orders, related documents in the Print Queue will also be deleted

Release Details
Release Version: TBD
Release Date: 01/31/2024

WOS Fulfillment (New iOS App)
  • New Packing app is released.
  • It is available if the User Group Setting "Enable Packing App" is turned on. 
  • There are two main screens:
    • Cart/Batch screen that shows Carts/Batches that need to be Packed.
    • Order/Pack screen to Pack Orders into Boxes.
      • The options at the top of the page to provide the User with more information about the Order.
      • Can see Order Lines to Pack
      • Active Box Packing into
      • All Boxes on Order
  • Differences in functionality from WMS Fusion
    • Removes the restriction where Boxes were tied to specific Devices , allowing Boxes on an Order to be accessed from any Device.
    • Improves Box management by consolidating multiple Boxes into a dedicated screen, unlike the scrolling list format in the WMS Fusion app.
    • Introduces the option to reopen closed Boxes from within the app. .
  • Other New Features:
    • Print Station Check: when Auto-Print is turned on, a Print Station needs to be selected. If one is not set, the User will be prompted to select one. If a Print Station is set, there is an option at the top of the screen to tap and change it. Users can select a Print Station from a list shown or by scanning a barcode. This will set the Print Station for that Device. 
    • Scanning the Item Number or tapping the Line will move the Quantity the Active Box:
      • If the "Scan Each" is turned on, then each tap/scan packs a quantity of one.
      • If "Scan Each" is turned off, then scanning the item creates a popup to enter the quantity.
      • If “Require Lot at Pack” is on and Item is flagged for Lot, popup requires Lot to be entered per scan 
      • If “Require Serial at Pack” is turned on and item is flagged for Serial, popup requires Serial to be entered Per Qty
    • Swipe a line to record an Error, if "Allow Picking Error" is turned on.  Allows Users to report problems such as missed quantities or incorrect Items.
    • Introduces the option to adjust picked quantities during Short Packing, allowing Orders to be Packed short without rectifying problem Items, if configured

Release Details
Release Version: TBD
Release Date: 01/02/2024
  • When Packing an Order, scanning another compartment on a Cart for that Order will auto Close All Boxes and advance to the next compartment if all Items have been Packed. If there are still Items to Pack, the User will be prompted to stay or advance to the new compartment.
  • Auto-scroll to the line that last had an operation performed against it.
  • Box Delete button moved away from the Close button.
  • Rapid Scanning: Scans can be performed as quickly as desired. The scan entry box  will denote it is Rapid Scan enabled when its leading icon displays as a rabbit. Requires the "Require Scan Each Item" and "Enable Rapid Scanning" User Group Settings to be turned on. 
  • Scan History: By tapping the green clock button on the scan box, a history of the ten most recent scans will be shown, sorted by most to least recent. Scan History is local to the view it is encompassed in, meaning that the Recent History will no longer be visible once the User leaves the Packout View. 
Manage Inventory
  • If the Multiple Item flag is turned off for a Location and a User attempts to execute a Put , Move, or Bulk Move into that Location, an error message will popup telling the User that the Location is a Single Item Location and another Item already exists. 
  • Option to add a custom Note to the Pull, Put , Move, or Bulk Move that will be visible in the Notes section of the History Log. 
  • Sort: Sort by a particular column by tapping the column header. Toggle between ascending and descending sort by tapping again. 
  • Item Search Tap Selection: Tap the row to select the Item. 
  • Item Aliases will be shown when the Item is selected. 

Release Details
Release Version: TBD
Release Date: 01/31/2024