Policies and Information

We monitor our systems and support line after hours for any major or critical errors that may require immediate attention.

Phone and email support should be utilized to resolve problems and identify current product issues. Questions regarding features and usage may also be addressed, however more complicated questions will be referred to your Account Manager for a more in-depth review and possible further training.

WOS customer service support is focused mainly on the WOS product and only has a limited knowledge of a client’s customized integration. Questions regarding integration will be referred from our support team to an Integration Team Member who will normally respond as soon as possible. Typically, within several hours or the same day.

We recommend having a client-employed on-site WOS specialist that can help you do the initial assessment and resolve any issues immediately. WOS Support can then become an extension and second level of support to assist in more complicated issues.

Support for automated printing can become difficult as it is running locally within your network. Customer Service will not be able to troubleshoot local hardware beyond providing guidance and making recommendations. If further diagnosis of the WOS Print Agent is required, having the capability to screen share or remote into the local system will be necessary. Should you require a WOS support team specialist to do a deeper analysis your Account Manager can provide options for you.

Requests for help to maintain or update customer data (updating locations or items, deleting records, etc.) will be referred to our Integration team or your Account Manager. They will work with you to define the scope and provide a proposal for these services.

Our standard Systems Maintenance window is on Wednesdays from 10pm - 12am. We typically will not be doing maintenance each Wednesday, however should it be required to take our systems down for maintenance, this is when it will be done. In the event you have an instance when this would create any concerns please contact us so we can arrange to work with you.

Contact Information


       862 W FINE DR SLC, UT


P:   801-327-8030


Apple iPad iOS Version Requirements

As soon as possible, all of your iPads need to be updated and running on iPadOS version 13 or newer. As we make updates to our systems, iPadOS 12 or older can no longer be supported. This will happen sometime before June 30 2020. Our effort to support backwards compatibility on old versions of iPadOS is limiting our ability to make future enhancements. If you are utilizing any iPad 4th generation or lower these devices will not support iPadOS version 13, therefore you will need to update them to avoid system disruption. If you are unsure what devices you have or if they can support iPadOS 13, please contact your IT personnel or apple support for more details.

If you are purchasing any new iPad 10.2-inch models (Latest version with a larger screen) they will not fit in your existing enclosures. We have designed a new enclosure for these which can be purchased from your Account Manager.