A customer Order is simply a grouping of Order Lines where each Order Line consists of an Item and a Requested Quantity. Orders are typically imported via the Host API but can be manually created. 

Order details can be viewed on the Edit Order page. 

  1. In WOS Manager, go to Orders -> Orders
  2. Click the Order Number of the Order you'd like to view
  3. This will open the Edit Order page

The top section of the Edit Order page displays system information that is created or updated by WarehouseOS as the order progresses through the system.

WarehouseOS System Fields

  • Order Status
    • Hold - An order may be placed on Hold at any time prior to the order being completed
    • Available - The order is available to be batched or pulled to a tablet to be single picked

    • In process - The order has been assigned to a specific device (iPad) for picking. It may be currently active on the device or just assigned to the device

    • Complete - Order has been Picked to completion. The order is no longer active and cannot be reactivated without resetting all of the picks on the order and starting from the beginning

    • Complete and Packed - Order has been completely Packed. The order Status is Complete and a flag on the order indicates that it has been Packed

    • Complete and Verified - Order has been completely Verified. The order Status is Complete and a flag on the order indicates that it has been Verified

  • Created Date Time

    • This date can be set when the order is created, allowing this date to represent some value from the host system
    • If the date is not set when the order is created, the date is set with a timestamp of when the order was created in WarehouseOS
  • In Process Date Time
    • The date the order was assigned to a tablet and the order had started picking
  • Completed Date Time
    • The date the order was picked complete. (NOT including when the order was packed or verified)

Other Order Fields

Expand the Edit Order Info section to see the other order fields that can be edited through the Edit Order page. These values can be changed by editing their values and clicking Save at the bottom of the Edit Order Info section.

  • Order Pick Method
    • Either - Order can be picked with any method (this is the default option)
    • SinglePickOnly - Order must be picked one at a time through Single Pick.
    • BatchPickOnly - Order can only be picked as part of a batch through Batch Pick
  • Allocation Area
    • When using the Area Allocation logic, the order can be picked only from locations configured with the same area
  • Sequence
    • When using Single Pick, orders are assigned to devices in priority order. Order Priority is sorted in ascending order so that 1 comes before 10.
    • In the Batch Build page, orders can be sorted by Order Priority to identify and batch those of higher priority
  • Order Custom Fields
    • CustomField1-4 are text format and CustomField5 is a date/time format
    • Custom Fields can have a custom label applied so that they are easier to identify in the data grids throughout the site. This can be done by following the instructions in Custom Field Labels
  • Barcode Data
    • This is the value that is presented in the Order Barcode during Packing or Verify
    • If not provided on order import, the Barcode value is set to be the Order Number. This field can be any value if necessary and should be set on order creation if needed. For example, a partial order may have an incremental value in the Order Number field (123456-3), but the Barcode value should still be the original order number (123456)

Order History

The Edit Order page contains a pre-filtered History Log to show all the history related to the orders.

Delete Order

An order can be deleted either through the API or manually on the Edit Order page. Orders are locked once they are added to a batch. They cannot be deleted through the API once they are locked. To delete a locked order through WOS Manager, the order must be removed from the batch and have the in-process status reset.

  1. Go to the Edit Order page for the order
  2. Expand the Edit Order info section
  3. Click Delete
  4. When the confirmation page loads, click Delete again