Locations will be generated in WOS for optimized pick path use. Inventory will be scanned in locations where the location will determine where and how much inventory you have of an item. 

Location Configuration 

We can make location values customizable with letters, numbers, and different special characters. WOS does have a standard location configuration that is formatted as Row-Bay-Tier-Slot and is typically 4 numbers with dashes in between to help Users easily identify the name of a location ex. 1-2-3-3. 

This is a standard view of a Row where the left represents odd bay numbers and the right represent even bay numbers. 


This is a view of a Bay which is the space between the uprights of the rack.

This is a view of Tiers of the rack.

This is a view of Slots which can also be referred to as Bins.

This is a view of final location configuration at use.