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Tablet Director Updates

Lot Tracking

  • Lot Numbers can now be tracked on the inventory record. This will enable the identification of locations that hold a specific lot
  • If Lot is enabled on the Item record, the Lot will be required to be scanned when adding inventory and is required to already be on the inventory record when removing inventory
  • For items that have Require Lot set,
    • Po Putaway, Put, and Cycle Count will require a lot in order to add inventory
    • When removing inventory through Batch Picking, a lot will not be required to be scanned because it will decrement inventory against the only lot in the location, but a lot does have to exist on the inventory record or it will error.  If the item flag was turned on after inventory was added, the locations will need to be cycle counted to get the value added before picking can be done
    • Pull will require that the lot be verified before decrementing inventory

Additional PackOne Grid

  • An additional grid on the Batch Build Pack One screen will show orders that have been assigned a CartType but are missing other details that prevents them from being picked

Visibility to Inbound Quantities

  • The Item Detail page now includes a grid that shows the quantity on open POs not yet received
  • The Inventory Summary Report now shows the quantity on open POs not yet received

Device Info

  • Additional information is recorded about the devices connected to the system
  • Newer versions of the Fusion iPad App will record the iPadOS version and device model.  Viewing this information from the Devices list can help ensure all iPads are updated to the latest versions.

Production Date

  • The option to record a production date on inventory transactions has been removed


  • Additional work on being able to distinguish items, orders, and POs by a customer object
  • A system flag must be set to use this feature.  If set, items, orders, and POs will require a customer be set
  • The customer object will set a prefix on the item number, order number, or po number so it can remain unique and the original number will be stored in a new field

Release Details

Release Version:
Release Date: 7/15/2020

Fusion App

Lot Tracking

  • If the item is set to require a lot number, the Lot Number will be recorded on the inventory record. The following apps on the Fusion app have been updated to require the lot be scanned in this situation
    • Putaway
    • Inventory Management (Put, Pull, Move)
    • Picking

Batch Build App

  • A bug that allowed a batch to be built on a cart that was not empty has been corrected

Release Details

Release Version: 4.6.0 Build 153750
Release Date: 7/14/2020

API and Integrations

Zone added to Host Messages

  • The Zone of the location of the inventory transaction (Put, Pull, Move, Cycle Count) is now included in the Host Message

Inventory Report APIs

  • The 3 Inventory Report APIs now include details about inbound quantities
    • Expected Qty - the amount on open POs not yet received
    • Received Qty - the amount of received product not yet putaway and added to inventory

History Log API

  • Add the ability to filter this API call by OrderNumber, PoNumber, ItemNumber, or Location

GetAllInventory API

  • Add the ability to filter by ItemNumber or Location

Release Details

Released with Tablet Director